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Top 4 Enterprise Search Software in 2022

The article was originally published on AscendixTech blog.

Nowadays, we cannot imagine our life without Google. We use it daily to find solutions for a wide range of challenges from home issues to business problems.

The Internet Live Stats Tracker states that over 40,000 users Google data every second that transforms into enormous 1.2 trillion search requests a year. It looks spectacular, right?

The Number of Google Search Requests 2

This statistics allows us to realize that millions of people are ready to consume gigabytes of data and the power of search engines only tends to grow. What’s more, data search becomes an integral attribute and tool for any business to find, analyze information, and improve scalability.

As Peter Morville, a consultant, influencer, and co-author of the best-selling book ‘Information Architecture for the World Wide Web’, once said:

“What we find changes who we become.”

The core reason for businesses to use data search is the generation of valuable insights that let companies step forward and adapt to constantly changing users’ demands.

Here comes enterprise search software that helps entrepreneurs efficiently seek for and analyze data in a matter of seconds. However, what is the best way to find the right and relevant technology solution for your specific business needs?

Today we want to guide you through the top 4 enterprise search software solutions covering their pros and cons to help you make the right decision for your business. Besides, we provide a comparison matrix of these tools to bring a high-level overview of them for your guidance.



Established: 8 February 2010

Elasticsearch pricing:

  1. Standard - $16/month

  2. Gold - $19/month

  3. Platinum - $22/month

  4. Enterprise – individual

What is Elasticsearch? So, it is one of the most popular open-source enterprise search software in the Big Data industry with embedded JSON REST API and built on Apache Lucene and Java.

Elasticsearch was released to establish multitenant-capable full-text search and analysis of large amount of data. The tool’s opportunities make Elasticsearch a perfect choice for both middle and enterprise-scale projects that need more resources.

What companies use Elasticsearch?

What Companies Use Elasticsearch

What are the key features of Elasticsearch?

  • Scalability and fault tolerance
  • Multitenancy
  • Operational stability
  • Schema-free

What Are The Key Features of Elasticsearch-

Elasticsearch use cases at Ascendix

At Ascendix, we actively use Elasticsearch to deliver high-quality enterprise search software that meets business needs and end-users' expectations.

What’s more, we have built our own software products that help thousands of users transform their data search, management, and storage into an easy-to-use and powerful way of generating data-driven results to improve their decision-making process.

So, where did we use Elasticsearch?

For example, we have built Ascendix Search to help Salesforce users process maps, charts, custom objects, and filter search results by multiple operators in a simple and quick way.


Besides, Ascendix software developers have delivered an advanced listing portal MarketSpace for brokers to help them boost marketing and sales through powerful search and filtering tools that allow to find, analyze, store, and modify data easily and fast.


Why do we use Elasticsearch at Ascendix?

The key reason Ascendix development teams choose Elasticsearch is the high performance it provides. So, we can avoid 1-3 seconds for a search result to be generated and provide our clients with immediate data without solid delays.

You may ask the following question: “Why is Elasticsearch so fast?”

The answer lies in the essence of shards which are the set of inverted indices. Simply speaking, this enterprise search software generates multiple inverted indices tables each time after indexing which saves much time for both the program and end-users that get immediate results.



Established: 2012

Algolia pricing:

  1. Free – up to 10 units (1000 requests)
  2. Standard - $1/unit/month
  3. Gold - $1.5/unit/month
  4. OEM - individual

Companies that use Algolia

Companies That Use Algolia

Why use Algolia?

  • Site search
  • Voice search
  • Geo search
  • Mobile search

What are the key features of Algolia Search?

  • Search rules
  • InstantSearch
  • Personalization
  • A/B testing
  • Specific search API
  • Algolia AI

What Are the Key Features of Algolia-

You can learn more details about each enterprise search software feature on their official website.

Azure Cognitive Search


Established: 2008

Azure Search service pricing:

  1. Free – only 50 mb storage
  2. Basic - $73.73/month
  3. Standard S1- $245.28/month
  4. Standard S2 - $981.12/month
  5. Standard S3 – 1,962.24/month
  6. Storage Optimized L1 - $2,802.47/month
  7. Storage Optimized L2 – individual

What is Azure Cognitive Search?

It is a cloud search service by Microsoft with integrated AI features that allow to quickly identify and analyze relevant data of any scale. This way, Azure cognitive search allows you to build mobile and web applications with powerful enterprise search features.

Companies that use Azure Search

Companies that use Azure Search

Key features of Azure full-text search

  • Powerful indexing
  • Data processing
  • Query & Relevancy Ranking

Key Features of Azure Full-Text Search



Established: January 2012

Swiftype pricing:

  1. Swiftype App Search - $49/mo
  2. Swiftype Site Search - $79/mo

Swiftype search is a cloud-based and customizable software-as-a-service platform that allows your business to create a powerful search experience and work with data efficiently. Established in 2012, the company has acquired $23 million and has been improving the product continuously.

What companies use Swiftype?

Companies That Use Swiftype

Core features of Swiftype

  1. Powerful Search Algorithm
  2. Content ingestion and syncing
  3. Deep analytics
  4. Real-time indexing

Core Features of Swiftype

Enterprise Search Software Comparison Matrix

Each search tool mentioned above has its benefits and drawbacks in terms of specific aspects. In order to help you choose the best enterprise search software, let’s look at the comparison of Elasticsearch vs Algolia vs Azure vs Swiftype below.


Final words

So, we have discussed the most trending and powerful search solutions. It's worth noting that there is no omni-purpose software that fits any business needs.

For this reason, take a look at these tools, compare them, and make the right choice that will perfectly suit your company's demands.

For more information, read the full article 4 Leading Enterprise Search Software to Look For in 2022.

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