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Today I Learned!?

So, I had a new year's resolution that I want to learn something new everyday.
For tracking if I learned something, I use an app called Habit
But up until now, I had no way of knowing what I learned previously on a particular day...
So, inspired by Bhupesh Varshney's til I decided to create something like that.

Finally, I ended up using PHP and MySQL to store my data.

  • I created a simple HTML form ( template picked up from colorlib )
  • Created inputs - title, date ( today's date (not editable) ) & description
  • Then I sent a post request using JQuery to my til.php file
  • In the til.php, I validated the input and inserted it into the DB

Later, I want to include this section in my new website (currently under construction 'cuz imma buzy with some app development)
So, I'll be having an admin panel via which I will update the til everyday and it will be shown on my website too!!

If you have some thoughts, please share them! Let me know if you have some ideas!

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