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Ali Spittel
Ali Spittel

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My Favorite Data Visualization and Dataset Resources

I wanted to put together a quick list of my favorite datasets and visualization resources! When I'm looking for a sample project, I use these for inspiration. I also use them for teaching! Thought they could be helpful for someone else too.


Data Sets

I asked about new ones on twitter a while ago, and got some of these from there! I linked the Tweet if you're interested in seeing more!

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Bradley Collins

A while back I stumbled upon Sheetsee.js which allows you to connect Google Sheets to a website and use the data in there for Visualization.


It worked pretty well with D3.js

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Eugene Karataev
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Neal Grantham πŸ†–

Thanks @aspittel !

Another great source of datasets and visualizations is the weekly Tidy Tuesday challenge by R for Data Science.

Read more at and browse past visualizations at

Happy plotting!

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Well gotta add some to my list now! Thanks for the dataset resources! :)

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I was just looking for datasets (ecommerce/products, business intelligence, customer rel, etc.) to try some visual stuff.

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Lucas Homer

Thanks so much! You da bawsss πŸ€œπŸ€›