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Tech Events this Week - 5/7

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Each week for my students, I create a newsletter that lists the tech events going on in DC that I've heard about. I thought it would be really cool to expand that to a bigger community and crowdsource it for other people to contribute.

I am going to put some comments below with different areas, feel free to reply with your events on those comments. If you have an event that isn't in one of those areas, feel free to first write a comment with the area, then another one threaded onto it with your event!

I will be posting this thread every Friday!

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I have a request - I'm assuming that the numbers in your post titles are dates, but could you format them more clearly?

I'm not sure how 5/7 matches up to 4th of May, but one of the other ones is 4/30 for 30th of April so that's kind of clear but ones like 5/7 are ambiguous as to whether they're using US dates or rest-of-the-world dates.

Having a regular list of tech events on here is a cool idea.


React Redux 101

  • Thursday, May 10th, 7-9:00 PM
  • Mapbox
  • Come to hear Arya Seghatoleslami give a talk on React Redux. He will introduce the benefits of uni-directional data-flow and storing state immutably in one place. He'll talk about the underlying core concepts of this style of state management and then introduce Redux as a framework as a simple solution for large complex single page apps with a lot of shared state.

Art + Code Collective: Our First Meetup

  • Tuesday, May8th, 7-9 PM
  • Hole in the Sky Collective
  • Perry Fustero: Make-a-mix, Jess Garson: Generate Music with Sonic Pi, Ali Spittel: CSS Art, Megan Coyle: The Evolution of an Artist’s Website, James Reichard: Music is Math: Euclidean Rhythms, Jared Nielsen: TBA

DC Hack && Tell

  • Tuesday, May 8th, 6:30 - 8:30 PM
  • WeWork Chinatown
  • The format is informal, engaging, and friendly: presenters have 5 minutes to show off their hack (it goes faster than you’d expect) and then the audience has 5 minutes to ask questions, make jokes, and suggest ideas and feedback.

Node DC: I Don't Care About Security (And Neither Should You)

  • Wednesday, May 9th, 6:30-8:30 PM
  • Social Tables
  • Remember when setting up an auth system was easy? Neither do we. From the signup form, the login form, password reset form, and all the validation in between it can easily take weeks if not months to get something basic up and running. Then you have to deal with all the security considerations. No thanks.

NoVa Code Camp

  • Saturday, May 12th, 9-5:30
  • Microsoft Office, Reston, VA
  • Free conference!
  • Lots of speakers, I will be talking about Augmented Reality in JavaScript


  • Tuesday, May 8, 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
  • XO Group
  • Looks like details are TBD. I may be attending myself.
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