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A marketplace for buying and selling side-projects

Hey community!

I just launched Whobal - a marketplace for buying and selling online businesses (side projects, saas apps, chrome extensions, etc.). It is a free platform for the founders to sell their businesses without paying any commission.


  • List unlimited projects for sale
  • Receive offers from buyers (only verified)
  • Sell securely via (Escrow Pay is integrated)
  • No paywall for unlocking offers
  • Absolutely 0% commission on successful sale unlike Flippa or similar sites which charge 10% to 15% commission

You can sign up as a seller and add your projects here:


  • Join our buyers network for free
  • Get new businesses via email when they are listed for sale
  • 24 Hours early access to incredible businesses (curated by our team)
  • Contact seller to ask a question or simple make an offer
  • Buy securely via
  • No commission / broker fees

πŸ‘‰ What's next?

  • Listing verification
  • Google Analytics integration for traffic stats
  • Stripe integration for revenue stats

✍️ Feedback?

I'd appreciate any feedback from the community, specifically on the landing page copy, and what you like or dislike about the platform.

Thank you so much πŸ’–

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Andrew Brooks πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» • Edited

Very unique idea! Congrats on the launch. Are you planning on implementing a pricing model of any sort or do you plan to just always offer the service for free?

attacomsian profile image

Thank you! I have yet to decide the pricing model. I would like to keep the basic listing free and offer premium upgrades for extra exposure.

blazerowland profile image
Blaze Rowland

Take a cut from each sale like PayPal :)

juanfrank77 profile image
Juan F Gonzalez

Congrats on making it live! looks very interesting. I'll be looking into it and see if I join as a buyer. Excited to see what I can find.

attacomsian profile image

Thank you. Let me know if you need any help.

100aio profile image
Jack Dow

Any ideas on how to attract more listings?

attacomsian profile image

That is what I am trying to figure it out. May be I should post it on Product Hunt to attract more founders to list their side projects.