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Simple Web App Ideas to Practice Your Programming

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When we're learning how to develop web apps, we need to practice as much as possible. Tutorials are limited in their scope since they can only put so much in a book or blog entry.

Also, we need to be able to solve problems ourselves. Therefore, we need to come up with some project ideas for writing practice apps that'll enhance our knowledge.

Below are some examples of apps that you can build to improve your web development skills.

Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers allow us to practice how to build UIs to save and retrieve data. It records multiple entries with forms to record the fitness activities that you have done over time.

The UI can have controls like date pickers, checkboxes, and radio buttons for various. fields so you can practice building rich UIs.

Also, we can plot a graph to track things how many kilometers we walked or something like that over time.

Calculator App

You can either build one that just takes inputs with text input controls and then show the calculated value somewhere. Or you can build one that looks and acts like a calculator.

The latter choice is harder, so we can build the first to warm up. Then as you get more familiar with coding, you can build the second, more difficult version.

Movie Database

A movie database lets you practice building forms with controls like date pickers, inputs, checkboxes, and how to validate the values of those inputs.

Movies have posters and other images, so you can also practice saving and displaying images. Manipulating files is something we have to do a lot so this is a practical application of file manipulation on the client and server-side apps.

Of course, we have to save the data to the database if it's text. If it's a file then we can save it to the database as binary data or on the file system.

Recipes App

Like the movie database idea, recipe apps also involves forms and images. In addition, we can also learn to incorporate videos and maybe a rich text editor if we want to get fancy.

The data is saved in the database and files are saved in the file system. Videos can be loaded from video sites like YouTube or Vimeo, or we can load them from the file system.

Bill Tracker

Bill trackers let us practice our form validation skills since you have to check that the amount is right. You can also add a few graphs to show some data. The data is stored in the database.


There're lots of project ideas that we can use to practice writing apps until you're proficient. As long as you come up with the solution yourself, it's not going to very hard to be proficient in writing web apps given all the practice that you've done.

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