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Aurélie Vache
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Understanding Kubernetes in a visual way (in 🎥 video): part 10 – Kubectl Tips

Understanding Kubernetes can be difficult or time-consuming. In order to spread knowledges about Cloud technologies I started to create sketchnotes about Kubernetes, then I've auto-published a book and since now I've started a new serie of video! :-)

I imagined a serie of short videos with a mix of sketchnotes and speech.

I think it could be a good way, more visual, with audio & video to explain Kubernetes (and others technologies).

The new episode is focused on tips about the CLI Kubectl.

The video is in French BUT I done the subtitles in english (and french too).

If you liked the video and are interested to watch another ones, please give me some feedbacks (and you can also subscribe to my Youtube channel, if you want to ❤️).

If you are interested, I published all the sketchnotes on Kubernetes (and new ones!) to make a "book" of 165 pages: "Understanding Kubernetes in a visual way".

If you like theses sketchnotes, you can follow me, I will publish others sketchs shortly :-).

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Thanks aurelie,

Just to tell you that thanks to all your videos and hand written diagrams i got motivated to learn more about kubernetes by myself than with working with it professionally for 2 years!

Your content made me realize that it was not that difficult to understand what my Ops team was using.

Last week, as an exercise to create a dev environnement closer to what we have in production, i replaced the whole docker-compose we used with 31 deployments/services with k3s and k3d and it works great!

Thanks again for inspiring me to improve.

Next steps : learn more about FluxCD / ArgoCD and Istio.

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Aurélie Vache

Thanks for your feedbacks!
I'm happy that my sketchnotes and video can help you, it's very important for me.
Yes it's possible to understand Kubernetes, Docker, Istio, GitOps and others DevOps and Cloud concepts, step by step.

Congratulations for your migration from docker-compose to Kubernetes! :-)

About service mesh with Istio, I already sketched about Istio if you are interested and abot GitOps (through Flux or ArgoCD), my advice is to learn step by step also with concrete examples :-).