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Welcome to DEV, AWS Community ASEAN!

Welcome to our blog!

We have decided to start this blog to help members have more channels in contributing to the community. Every member has a story to tell and by starting this blog, we aim to encourage each member to share their story and help inspire the next generation of AWS cloud professionals and enthusiasts.

How do I contribute?

[1] Join an AWS Community in ASEAN

To contribute, you must be part of any AWS User Group in ASEAN. You can find them here:

[2] Create an account here in (if you haven't) is an awesome platform where developers are able to share their ideas. Sign up here for an account.

[3] Fill up the form

Fill up this form so we can properly contact you and add you to the Facebook group of AWS Asean Blog Contributors. We will also share with you the unique token that you will use to be able to post content in the website.

[4] Let's get writing!

Once you are part of the community, you will be able to post to the AWS Community ASEAN. We will strictly enforce our house rules below to ensure the community remains a safe space where members can share their ideas and start a discourse.

TLDR: Posts should be related to AWS. It doesn't have to be technical in nature but it does need to somehow connect to AWS. There should be no mention of competing products and it should not threaten or harass others.

Before you go, here are some house rules

The AWS Community Asean is a safe space where people of any gender, nationality, association, sexual orientation can express their ideas and have a platform to share them with the world. But every community needs a set of rules to make sure everyone can take part in the community. Here are our house rules.

  • Each post should comply with the code of conduct of our platform, You can view the document here:
  • On top of the platform code of conduct, our core team will also enforce:
    • Each post should be related to AWS. It should have no mention of competing cloud providers or products.
    • The community is a safe place. Any post that threatens, harass, causes harm to any member of the community or the user base in general will be taken down.
    • Any post that blatantly sells products without regard to the community's objectives of sharing knowledge and promoting discourse will be taken down.
    • We have no tolerance for plagiarized content. It will be taken down.
    • The community is not a platform for users to reflect or assert their political and social views. Therefore, posts with political or social commentary will be taken down.

Let's get bloggin' 🥂

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lloydm profile image

CDK Day is coming up ! I'm really looking forward to combining CDK and SAM. Finally I can test locally SAM and deploy with CDK if the I need to use something like ECS instead of Lambdas.