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I was thinking about this today and I would love to meet my fellow #DEVcommunity members in person! Are there any plans for a DEV conference in NYC or elsewhere? I would be super excited to learn from you all irl (and maybe give a talk myself 😏).

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As @helenanders26 mentioned, we are about to have our first community-led meetup, so we do want to empower folks to get together. We will have more details tomorrow about how others can do this.

With regards to the conference, as of this moment we do not have a DEV conference planned—but I'd be shocked if we didn't make at least one of these happen in 2020. It would be awesome.


Hi @ben , what is the planned frequency of these meetups?


It will be entirely up to the organizers. Weekly, monthly, quarterly, whatever.

We will expect some consistency and we’ll be in touch with organizers to get this right.


It's funny, I had the same idea a few days ago and was long forward to bouncing it off you @ben at the meetup tomorrow 😂



...For the benefit of those unable to travel (and/or whose employers are //cough// cheap //cough//). :)


There’s a Meetup happening in NYC very soon, organised by members:


Thanks for the link, just RSVP'd!

Really psyched to meet some new people and soak everything in. I also just finished my first original Vanilla JS site/app yesterday, and I'd love to get some feedback!


I think a global DEV meet-up Day/ Hackthorn should happen, where local organisers setup a local meet-up/Hackthorn in their city. I know I would be interested in giving a helping hand, and believe others are as welll.


I think my city, Portsmouth, UK, is a perfect city for this to happen. Also there are a number of small and large software and technology companies nearby. Could even get my uni involved, they love supporting events that connect students with industry.


I am ALL for this. Florida in the spring is convention / conference season. #hinthint


Would be nice to have that. For us from Europe especially from less known countries like Bosnia & Herzegovina this is fun to watch on YouTube :D as it's hard to plan trip that far.

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