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[Which is better] Ubuntu Gnome vs Ubuntu (unity)

Hello everyone, well it's been a long time, I didn't write any blog. The reason for the same is that I was messing up with my laptop in try new Operating systems.

I'm a person who really doesn't like windows ( except in terms of Visual Studio because it is the best IDE I have ever used.)

I'm a Linux lover especially Ubuntu. I have tried several Linux distros in recent years including Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Red Hat, BOSS, Kali and many more.

Recently I installed Ubuntu Gnome 15.10 on my laptop instead of regular Ubuntu 15.10 with unity desktop and experienced a great difference in terms of performance and usage.

Before Proceeding I will like to tell you that I'm running Ubuntu Gnome 15.10 64 bit in dual boot with Windows 7 Ultimate SP 1 64 bit on Acer Emachines E732Z with

  • 2 GB RAM
  • 320 GB Hard disk
  • 780 MB graphics memory
  • Intel HD graphics
  • Intel Pentium P6200 Let's discuss on several points

Look and feel

For people who still think Linux a dark world must try this. Ubuntu Gnome comes with Gnome 3.16.4 give an even better look than windows 8.1 and 10

Alt Text

You will get a mixed feeling of running windows 8.1 and MAC book. UNLIKE Ubuntu Unity desktop you will get the option to choose different wallpaper on desktop and lock screen.

Gnome has a different style of notifications and you can even see them afterwords by pressing Windows+v.
Gnome comes with a great expendable library of extensions and can be downloaded and installed by one click from


As per my personal experience, Gnome runs more smoothly as compared to unity and even consumes less RAM.
When I used Unity, average ram usage was 1.2GB whereas with GNOME it is 800 MBs
Alt Text

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Colin Stodd

I’ve been trying many of the Ubuntu Flavors with the latest 20.04/20.1 and Unity feels a lot lighter and responsive on my late 2013 MacBook Pro 13” 8gbRAM.

Mate was also pretty great (amazing improvements to the GUI (for another topic)) but Unity thus far feels the most responsive from Gnome, Budgie, and even Xubuntu (crazy talk I know). Maybe it’s something to do with it being a MacBookPro.

I’ll try and run some benchmarks and report back so it’s less subjective.