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Nitya Narasimhan, Ph.D for Microsoft Azure

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25 Days Of Serverless: Content Collection

Bookmark this page and check back periodically to see the updated list of published challenges and select solutions. Or follow @azureadvocates and @azurefunctions for announcements.

Welcome to #25DaysOfServerless. New challenges will be published every day from Microsoft Cloud Advocates throughout the month of December.

Learn how Microsoft Azure enables your Serverless functions.
✓ Sign up for a free account on Azure to get ready for the challenges!
✓ Have an idea or a solution?

Update: Dec 1 We're live!!

ℹ️ Overview

Contribute Your Solution!!! For each challenge, work on the solution in your own Github repo - then create a custom issue to our public repo so we can showcase your contribution!

Want to know more about the #25DaysOfServerless challenge?

There's no better place to start than these posts from our Azure Advocates. Discover the grinchy premise behind the stories, and find out how you too can participate in the fun!

Come check back tomorrow (and every day from Dec 1 - Dec 25) for a new challenge that you can solve with serverless thinking!

⚡️ Challenges

Don't forget to check out the guidelines for contributing your solution and send us that PR!!

  1. The adventure begins. We're off to Tel-Aviv to spin up a Dreidel for Hanukkah. 1st up!.
  2. The journey continues. We're racing to Stockholm to light candles for St. Lucy's Day. Take another 2nd!.
  3. What's a journey without friends? We're heading to Redmond to swap gifts for Secret Santa. 3rd time's the charm!.
  4. Every adventure needs a feast! Head to Brooklyn to share a potluck with our friend Ezra. Feast on the 4th!.
  5. Feeling sentimental? Journey to the North Pole and help Santa sort his Naughty or Nice correspondence! Fly to the 5th!.
  6. Forgotten those Ruten resolutions? Head to Central Europe and remind kids to do good deeds! Sense the 6th?.
  7. Make festivities sustainable! Teleport to Guatemala City and help Miguel in his quest to help his neighbors! Sustain the 7th!.
  8. Avoid the chaos! Dash back to the North Pole and help the reindeer stay in the know about gift delivery status! Embrace the 8th.
  9. Don't be such a Scrooge! Get into the festive spirit by thanking people for their contributions! Nab the 9th!.
  10. Have an Epiphany! Head to Italy and help Befana get her gift-shopping done by discovering good deals! Track the 10th!
  11. Track the To-Dos! Leap to the North Pole and help elves store and track incoming wishlists! Elves the 11th!
  12. Deploy the Thank-Yous! Help Simona out and automate websites from Markdown! Thanks a Dozen!
  13. Crack some jokes!! Help the trolls discover their sense of humor with machine intelligence. Friday the 13th!
  14. Discuss some books! Help Joon chat with friends about their festive book haul. Friends the 14th
  15. The eyes have it! Help Anna see this amazing market without glasses.Frame the 15th
  16. It's Posada time. Help Xanath find the locations of all those amazing events. Seize the 16th
  17. Skippy and pals down under are ready for some sunshine! Can IoT help?Sizzle the 17th
  18. Santa's Elves are busy. Bring your vision and put a bow on it! Eighteenth's a Wrap!
  19. Inflate those Balloons! Help Julie track her air compressor needs with IoT. Need that Nineteenth!
  20. It's Gift Delivery time. Help kids know if their gift arrived with timely alerts. Time that Twentieth!
  21. Hook that glitch! Help the elves track those gift deliveries! Forever Twenty-One right?
  22. Backup and restore! Help Young-Bee rescue her friend from the grim reaper.Twenty-Two, what do you do? 🎄 DEC 22 🎄


Check back the next day to see an advocate's solution to the previous challenge. Get an extra dollop of inspiration to tackle the next one!

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🦝 Meet The Team

Meet the people behind the mayhem (in alphabetical order, by first name)! We'll add one profile a day ( | twitter) - do say hello and share your comments and ideas with us!

Thank you for checking these out! Don't forget to bookmark the page and revisit it for updates throughout December 2019!

Top comments (3)

nitya profile image
Nitya Narasimhan, Ph.D

Hey all - just adding a post to let you know that we made it even easier to submit your solutions now.

Starting Dec 3, 2019

Instead of forking the repo and creating a pull request, simply SUBMIT AN ISSUE with your name, challenge number and solution repo. That's it!

david_ojeda profile image
David Ojeda

Yei! Already submitted an issue with my solution for day 3. It has been fun!

nitya profile image
Nitya Narasimhan, Ph.D

Thanks so much for not just doing the challenges but writing posts and sharing your expertise. I think that's what makes this challenge so amazing 🎉