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Nitya Narasimhan, Ph.D for Microsoft Azure

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#ServerlessSeptember - Just 5 Things You Need to Know!

New to Serverless Concepts and Technologies? Start here:

What is Serverless September

Put simply, it's a month of content-based learning where experts and practitioners share their insights and tutorials on how to use serverless technologies effectively in today's ecosystems.

The idea of #ServerlessSeptember is almost a tradition in my team. In fact, I remember the amazing content created and shared by the broader community last year - you can still find it here:

The 2020 #ServerlessSeptember series launched yesterday! And this year they are going the extra mile! 🤩 Here's five things you can do to make the most of it!

1. Bookmark The New Collection Page

Yep. Just visit the page below and bookmark it. Then revisit it regularly over the next 30 days to see fresh content from the serverless community.

2. Watch the Intro Video

Learn about all the things they have planned for the next 30 days by watching this short video.

You can also find our series hosts on

  • Cloud Advocate Christian Nwamba (@codebeast)
  • Cloud Engineer & Azure MVP Gwyneth Peña S (@madebygps).

And follow the Microsoft Azure organization to get more content around cloud, AI, serverless, and more.

3. Watch the Weekly Livestream

Yes, Chris and Gwyneth are planning a weekly livestream (every Friday) where you can hang out with them and talk about all things Serverless. Use the #ServerlessSeptemberFridays hashtag to engage with them. Or join them today (10AM EST) for a test stream.

4. Register for Create:Serverless

We end the month with an amazing free virtual conference - a half-day of conversations with community and industry experts and practitioners about all things serverless.

Happening Sep 30. Register here now to be reminded!

5. Share your serverless stories!

Part of the value of these kinds of initiatives is the joy of discovering new members of the serverless community and learning from their insights. As Chris Nwamba said in his Call For Contributions post:

Serverless September content has always been open to everyone regardless of your experience level, choice of cloud provider, technical background, or language.

Read his post to learn how you can contribute best:

6. Bonus: Banners for your posts

In case it helps, here are a few banner images that I created for the series. They are designed to be the right size for banners - feel free to use them if you want to write a article contributing to this series - and let us know either by tagging it #serverless #azure, or sharing it on Twitter with the #ServerlessSeptember tag

There's a story behind these images - and I hope to share that in a future post that I will link to here. For now - welcome and hope you have a wonderful #ServerlessSeptember

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