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Azure Maya Mystery: The inner workings of a static web app

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Azure Maya Mystery

You have heard all the great things about the Azure Maya Mystery Mansion but do you know the BTS of how this text-based game built with Twine was created?

Read about the making of the Azure Mystery Mansion

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Top comments (5)

alamili profile image
Bahai Al-amili

Great work

softchris profile image
Chris Noring

thanks :)

jansche profile image
Jan Schenk (he/him)

There was the question on the YouTube chat if the source code for Azure Maya Mystery is available on GitHub?

jenlooper profile image
Jen Looper

The source code for the actual mystery is

softchris profile image
Chris Noring

it is..
It contains everything you need to build a similar game minus, localization and PlayFab.. but markdown, JSON, game engine - it's all there :)