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The Cloud Skills Show: Introduction to Power Platform ⚡️

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The Cloud Skills Show returned this Thursday with an episode on Microsoft's Power Platform community. Each week we bring guests together from the technical community in the UK and around the world to talk about learning, professional growth and community.

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Together with my co-host Claire Smyth, we met Rory Neary, Samit Saini and Jese Navaranjan - 3 passionate people from the Power Platform community.

  • Claire Smyth is the Community Program Manager for Microsoft UK and Ireland, and runs the Microsoft MVP and RD programmes.

  • Rory Neary is a Power Platform Specialist, Community Organiser and Microsoft MVP for Business Applications. He runs the PowerApps4Kids community in London and is currently creating a Power Platform training series.

  • Samit Saini is an IT Specialist at London's Heathrow Airport and a Microsoft MVP. He previously worked as a Security Guard at Heathrow, and PowerApps inspired his career change to IT.

  • Jese Navaranjan is a Senior Consultant at Microsoft Partner Altius, and is also an MCSE, as well as a passionate community contributor. She previously worked at Heathrow (alongside Samit!) on PowerBI, and is now primarily focused on PowerApps.

Pictures of the participants named above

Here are the links from today's episode:

What is Power Platform?

Resource URL
Power Platform – Microsoft Docs
Power Platform – Microsoft Learn
Power Apps – Microsoft Docs
Power Apps – Microsoft Learn
Power Apps Zero to Hero Course
PowerBI – Microsoft Docs
PowerBI – Microsoft Learn
Power Automate – Microsoft Docs
Power Automate – Microsoft Learn
Power Platform Fundamentals – Learning Path @ Microsoft Learn
PowerApps Community Blog
Power Platform Community

Samit Saini

Resource URL
Microsoft Case Study - Heathrow & Power Apps
Video with Satya Nadella

Jese Navaranjan

Resource URL
Video: Data Lounge
Video: Mixed Reality
Altius Women’s Network upcoming episode
Video: The Integration of the Power Platform
Jese’s YouTube Channel

Rory Neary

Resource URL
Microsoft Reactor
Rory's Courses
Rory on YouTube

Every week we livestream on Microsoft's Learn TV and you'll also be able to find the show on Twitter @MSdevUK and on the Microsoft Developer UK YouTube account. Join us for this show at these times each Thursday:

Singapore Mumbai Berlin London NYC Seattle
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Please note, there is no show on Thursday 22nd October due to another event on Learn TV

If you require captioning, that’s available on Learn TV and YouTube via the controls below the video.

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