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The Cloud Skills Show: JavaScript

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The Cloud Skills show is a livestream brought to you by Microsoft's Developer Relations team in the UK. Each week the team will bring guests from around the world to talk about technical skills. We cover the latest Microsoft Cloud news and announcements and introduce guests from communities across the tech ecosystem.

This episode is all about Javascript, and understanding some of the frameworks. In the show, we got an introduction to Node.js - a runtime which allows developers to use Javacript on the server-side and in the cloud; and we met 2 amazing people from the community – Debbie O’Brien who is active in the Vue.JS and Nuxt.js communities; and Ana Cidre, who is passionate about Angular and is organiser of ngSpain.

A huge thank you to today's guests on the show:


Introduction to Node.js

Resource URL
Node.js Learning Path – Microsoft Learn
Beginner’s Series to Node.js: Channel 9
Beginner’s Series to Node.js YouTube playlist
Beginner’s Series to JavaScript: Channel 9
Beginner’s Series to JavaScript: YouTube playlist
GitHub repo with example code used in tutorials
Example Node.js + Express API source code

Node.js on Azure + other Javascript resources

Resource URL
Host a web app with Azure App Service
Refactor a Node.js / Express API to run on Azure Functions
Build your first serverless app with Angular, NestJS and Azure
Publish an API to Static Web Apps

Debbie O'Brien

Resource URL
Debbie’s YouTube Channel for learning Nuxt
Nuxt.js Documentation
Vue Toronto

Ana Cidre

Resource URL
Avocado Labs
Eloquent JavaScript
ngSpain - back in 2021

Upcoming Events the speakers are attending

Speaker Resource URL
Wassim NgPoland - speaking about Compiler Design
Wassim FrontendCon - speaking about Static Web Apps
Yohan Update Now 2020 - speaking about PWA

Every week we livestream on Microsoft's Learn TV and you'll also be able to find the show on Twitter @MSdevUK and on the Microsoft Developer UK YouTube account. Join us for this show at these times each Thursday:

Singapore Mumbai Berlin London NYC Seattle
10pm 7.30pm 3pm 2pm 9am 6am

Please note, there is no 12th November edition due to .NETconf.

If you require captioning, that’s available on Learn TV and YouTube via the controls below the video.

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