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Free Course - Learn: A Full Stack Application with Azure SQL and Prisma

Hi, Coders! 👋

How long, isn't it? 😅 I'm back with a new article, and with a great return! 🎉
Today I want to share with you a complete free course, with over 37 videos teaching you how to create a complete Full Stack application using:

  • ✅ Node.js
  • ✅ Vue.Js
  • ✅ Prisma
  • ✅ Azure SQL
  • ✅ Azure Functions
  • ✅ Azure Static Web Apps
  • ✅ GitHub Actions
  • ✅ DevContainer

Yup. An E2E (End to End) application from Front to Back-End (However, with a focus on development on the Back-End side).

This course was co-created with the Azure SQL Product Team and the Prisma DevRel Team. In this case Davide Mauri - Principal Program Manager Azure SQL and Alex Ruheni - Developer Advocate Prisma

📚 Course Program

The course contains 37 videos. And, it is divided into 6 modules:

📹 Module 01: Prisma Fundamentals
📹 Module 02: Azure SQL Fundamentals
📹 Module 03: Azure Static Web Apps Fundamentals
📹 Module 04: Dev Tools
📹 Module 05: Application Development/Deployment
📹 Module 06: Next Steps

📺 Course Videos

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The training repository is below:

GitHub logo glaucia86 / azure-sql-prisma-vue

A real case study how to apply Azure SQL with Prisma & Vue

Learn - A Full Stack Application with Azure SQL & Prisma: Full Course


A real study case application how to apply Node.Js with:

  • Azure SQL
  • Prisma
  • Vue.Js
  • Azure Functions
  • Azure Static Web Apps
  • Azure Dev CLI

🚀 Resources Used

FrontEnd Starter Project

Before starting to watch the video series we recommend that you download the project (FrontEnd side) Because we will use it to make the communication with the BackEnd created during this course!

FrontEnd Starter Project - HERE

💻 Video Series

Below you can see all the recorded videos about the application's development.

Videos Description
Five second preview of the video
Video 01 - Course Overview
In this video we will see

And, below you can see the course playlist:

📹 Complete Playlist: HERE

Final Words

I hope this free course Learn: A Full Stack Application with Azure SQL & Prisma could be useful for you.
Ah! I was almost forgetting! After to finish this course, you can take a look at the Microsoft Learn modules below:

Build serverless, full stack applications in Azure - Free Course
Azure SQL Documentation
Microsoft Learn: Free Course - Azure Static Web Apps
Microsoft Learn: Free Course - Build Serverless APIs with Azure Functions

Prisma Official Website
Official Prisma Documentation
Articles & Updates about Prisma
Prisma Community
Prisma Youtube Channel

And if you want to learn more stuff about JavaScript, TypeScript with Azure don't forget to follow me on Twitter: @glaucia_lemos86! There's a lot of contents coming up in 2023 😃!


And, see you all in the next article! 🤗

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