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Free workshop on GraphQL, Microservices, Serverless and Deploying to the Cloud, docs+ code solutions, enjoy!

Follow me on Twitter, happy to take your suggestions on topics or improvements /Chris

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Friends, I just open-sourced a workshop with solutions :)

I created the workshop to teach the following:

  • Part I, GraphQL, this teaches GraphQL with Apollo so you will learn to define a schema with resolvers and it covers both query and mutation and custom types
  • Part II, Microservices and Docker, this shows how to create a simple Node.js Express app and Dockerize it. It covers some fundamentals of Docker including the usage of Docker-Compose
  • Part III, Serverless, this teaches Azure Functions and how to integrate our GraphQL Server and also how to integrate our Service endpoints we created in part II
  • Part IV Deployment, this shows how to deploy to the Cloud using Azure CLI but also how to do so Visually through the portal. So that means deploying our Service endpoints as containers but also how to deploy Serverless.

I've rendered the workshop docs as a static site

To the workshop

All of this comes with a GitHub repo that has an MIT license. So free to use :) You can find it here:

To the GitHub repo

Feel free to use this to teach your colleagues, friends or just yourselves

All the best

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learnwithparam profile image
Paramanantham Harrison

Awesome man.

  • Which tool are you using to generate the docs?
  • is there any video workshop associated with this?
softchris profile image
Chris Noring

VuePress. Here is a blog post on how to use it: No videos yet, thinking about it though.

mongopark profile image
Ola' John Ajiboye

Thanks a million times for this . So timely!

softchris profile image
Chris Noring

Happy to hear that :D

kulpras profile image
Prasanna Kulkarni

Workshop link is broken.

softchris profile image
Chris Noring • Edited

thanks for noticing, fixed.. :) I had a weird issue with fixing this and it unfixed itself.. It should be

codenutt profile image

Awesome tutorial! Wish I had this a couple weeks ago when I was trying to figure it out haha

softchris profile image
Chris Noring

Thanks Jared :)


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