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Generating TypeScript Types From GraphQL Schemas

Last week I did a live stream on creating a web app with React, TypeScript and GraphQL and there was a question that popped up on whether or not you could generate the TypeScript types from the GraphQL schema, as I was creating them by hand.

Today, I did a last-minute stream in which I showed how you could do it using GraphQL Code Generator. It was really simple to integrate and what's more, I found a problem in the types I had written by hand relative to the GraphQL schema, so it's a win-win. I even showed off how the pull request feature of Static Web Apps works.

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Daniel Piedra

Nice! Any experience with polymorphic models in the BE and graphql code generation?

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Anything that brings code quality up is a plus.

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Aaron Powell Author


Also, it was funny that I'd stuffed up my hand-written types relative to the schema!