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#PowerfulDevs Conference


The Powerful DEVs Conference is the first virtual conference of its kind. We will showcase how developers can leverage the Power Platform to build applications faster and with far less effort. Connect with industry-recognized ProDev influencers, Microsoft Cloud Advocates, trusted and diverse community leaders, and members of the Power Platform Team.


Revisit this page during the event to engage in live (and post-event) discussions on those topics with both speakers and community. The speakers will be here for a live Q&A for at least 30 minutes immediately after their session concludes. After the event, come back to find additional slides, videos, and resources for this session.

About This Session:

Amey Holden

July 15, 2020: 15:30 PDT - 15:55 PDT

Integrating the web platform with Model Driven Apps can seem quite daunting, these platforms can seem so big and complex. Never fear, that’s where the PowerPlatform can help. With a few bits of integration, we can take the power of the PowerPlatform, plug it into our web app and surface the data back up to Model Drive Apps like Dynamics!

About the Speakers:

Aaron Powell is a Developer Advocate @ Microsoft with a passion for JavaScript and .NET. Follow @slace on Twitter.

Amey Holden is a Microsoft Business Application MVP and a CX Specialist for DXC technology. Follow @ameyholden on Twitter.

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Aaron Powell


Hi, my name’s Aaron Powell and I’m a Cloud Developer Advocate (CDA) at Microsoft. My area of specialty is front-end web dev and .NET (especially F#), but I enjoy doing silly things with technology.

Microsoft Azure

Any language. Any platform.


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thanks for the demo Amey & Aaron, it was great!
is the code/solution shown within it shared somewhere to look into more detail? e.g. GitHub


Hey Vineet - for the flows/model driven app I will be writing up a blog post next week so I will shoot it your way!


Hey Vineet,

For the code-side of the talk, I'll push it to GitHub today and post a link here for you. 😊


Here's the github repo for you: github.com/aaronpowell/event-twitt...

I've included information in the README on what you need to setup to get up and running. 😊


Great presentation Amey and Aaron! Thanks for keeping the energy going toward the end of a long day for the US-based team.


Our pleasure Rae!


Ahh thanks Rae, it's nice and early over here so we have all the energy for you thanks so much for joining us!