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#powerfuldevs Conference: Join us on July 15th Online!

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What is the POWERful DEVs Conference?

Join us on July 15th for POWERful DEVs Conference, the first virtual conference of its kind. We will showcase how developers can leverage the Power Platform to build applications faster and with far less effort. Connect with industry-recognized ProDev influencers, Microsoft Cloud Advocates, trusted and diverse community leaders, and members of the Power Platform Team.

Where can I join?

Join us on July 15 from 08:00 PDT - 17:30 PDT, online! The event is free and you can learn more about it on the POWERful DEVs Conference registration site. It will be streamed LIVE on the registration site, LearnTV, & Channel 9/Microsoft Developer.

Remember to bookmark this match and revisit it during the event to ask questions or leave comments for the speakers. Each speaker will be managing a live Question & Answer opportunity immediately after their session. Slides, videos, and resources will be posted here as well!


Jul 15: ALL DAY
Networking/Community: Enjoy hosts Dona Sarkar and Seth Juarez as they summarize the event. Take the time to introduce yourself in the Discussion section below and engage with other members of your community. Your questions and comments may be read LIVE during the event!

Jul 15: 08:00 PDT - 08:05 PDT
Welcome: We are thrilled to have such a diverse and knowledgeable group of speakers, community members, and attendees here at POWERful Devs. Welcome and say hello to your fellow community members here on this page!

Speakers: Julie Strauss & Dona Sarkar

Jul 15: 08:05 PDT - 08:30 PDT
Opening Keynote: Please join Scott Guthrie and Maria Naggaga in conversation as they talk about the state of the industry for ProDevs, what’s coming next…and some of the unsung hero dev tools that you should ABSOLUTELY be using to elevate your career and supercharge your business.

Speakers: Scott Guthrie & Maria Naggaga
Additional Resources:

Jul 15: 08:30 PDT - 08:55 PDT

Jul 15: 09:00 PDT - 09:25 PDT

Jul 15: 09:30 PDT - 09:55 PDT

Jul 15: 10:00 PDT - 10:25 PDT

Jul 15: 10:30 PDT - 10:55 PDT

Jul 15: 11:00 PDT - 11:25 PDT

Jul 15: 11:30 PDT - 11:55 PDT

Jul 15: 12:00 PDT - 12:25 PDT

Jul 15: 12:30 PDT - 12:55 PDT

Jul 15: 13:00 PDT - 13:55 PDT

Jul 15: 14:00 PDT - 14:25 PDT

Jul 15: 14:30 PDT - 14:55 PDT

Jul 15: 15:00 PDT - 15:25 PDT

Jul 15: 15:30 PDT - 15:55 PDT

Jul 15: 16:00 PDT - 16:25 PDT

Jul 15: 16:30 PDT - 17:00 PDT
Closing Keynote: Please join Charles Lamanna as he wraps up a day of learning with his take on fusion dev teams, aka the next big thing for tech and businesses, and shares how you can use this concept to be an industry leader in your space.

Speaker: Charles Lamanna
Additional Resources:

How can I remain involved?

We are so glad you asked! These sites will remain active as long as people are talking. Click each session to find additional resources applicable to each session. This is your community and please continue to engage. Additionally, please continue to follow Channel 9/Microsoft Developer on YouTube where we will be hosting a weekly #LessCodeMorePower video podcast series for developers just like you!

Discussion (16)

donasarkar profile image
Dona Sarkar— #POWERfulDevs Conf

I can't wait to see everyone tomorrow!

nitya profile image
Nitya Narasimhan

Me too - and I hope we get more Power Platform devs joining this community and sharing their insights, learnings and blog posts on the #powerfuldevs tag as well. 🎉

jennymevents profile image
JennyMEvents Author


POWERful DEVs will be held at 08:00 PDT on July 15, 2020 until 17:30 PDT. We will live stream the sessions directly on the website, on Microsoft's Learn TV, the Microsoft Developer/Channel 9 YouTube Channel, and encouraging individuals to engage in live chat on Dev.To. Each speaker will go directly to their Dev.To blog post and connect with the audience in a LIVE Ask Me Anything session. Keep Dev.To open on a separate tab or window to continue talking during the entire event!


Dev.To is where you can find all of the relevant resources and connect with your favorite speakers and audience members. Immediately after each session concludes, click the specific session on Dev.To, scroll down to the Discussion portion and engage in a live Question & Answer session with the speakers and your fellow event attendees.


Keep visiting Dev.To to access Additional Resources and stay connected with the POWERful DEVs Conference community. Additional Resources and links are also located on the website under "Agenda." Please continue to follow Channel 9/Microsoft Developer on YouTube where we will be hosting a weekly #LessCodeMorePower video podcast series for developers just like you!


Please email the alias to get technical help, report Code of Conduct issues, or receive non-technical assistance during the event. Use the hashtag #POWERFULDEVS on social. See you online!

raerlyon profile image
Rae Lyon

Welcome to POWERful DEVs Conf! Please feel free to watch live from to see what's coming up next.

garrywma profile image
Garry Whittaker 💙

One of the most important from an ISV/Consultancy point of view is going to be monetisation. How can we monetise an investment in adding our ProDev skills to the Low Code world

donasarkar profile image
Dona Sarkar— #POWERfulDevs Conf

Stress the extensibility of the low-code projects into things that can be super customized for the business with custom connectors into their specific data store AND extending their Power Apps with custom written APIs that you import into APIM.

garrywma profile image
Garry Whittaker 💙

Thanks Dona that makes perfect sense from consultancy POV. From the ISV point of view is there any way of getting paid for reusable components. Feel free to tell me this will be covered in a later session :-)

Thread Thread
mikkelsen2000 profile image
Per Mikkelsen

The monetization story for ISVs are currently focused on apps and not the components that make up the app. Most ISVs that publish apps on have prodev components as part of their lowcode based app.

Thread Thread
garrywma profile image
Garry Whittaker 💙

Thanks Per. I'm hoping that may change in the future.

coatsy profile image
Andrew Coates

I love the term Fusion Devs, but do PowerApps only work in the enterprise or can I release a PowerApp that anyone can use?

donasarkar profile image
Dona Sarkar— #POWERfulDevs Conf

No, Power Apps are specifically for internal company usage--this is necessary for security and compliance and especially protecting your data. If you want something to be publicly available, try out Power Apps Portals or Power Virtual Agents. Both are available to the public.

jwillisrose profile image
Jamie Willis-Rose

I missed the earlier sessions. Will they be available on-demand later?

raerlyon profile image
Rae Lyon

A recording of all today's sessions will be available within 48 hours of the completion of the event. We will post the link to the recording here. Please check back!

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