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Let's talk data!



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Kick off #dataweek with us! Join us for a half-day of conversations this 7 December 2020, at Microsoft Create: Data and connect with the experts and community members. Let's talk about everything data - from the upcoming trends to best practices and data for good.

Wait! 🤚🏼

Before you get all excited, let's get you ready with just
3 👏🏽 EASY 👏🏽 ACTIONS 👏🏽

1. Code of Conduct

You are expected to adhere to the Create:Data's code of conduct as well as's code of conduct Please do ♥️ this post if you agree

2. Keeping you (and your kids) happy

Not only do we want to feed your mind, but we also want to feed your tummies too. We know it could be morning, afternoon, or evening during #mscreate for you, and we know how important food is, to bond, to keep us happy.

Food recipes - Yes, food. We'll be sharing food recipes specially curated by some of our speakers.🤤

👉🏼 Recipes🥞 🍛 🥫

Kids Activity Pack (You may enjoy this yourself too!)

We know you are going to love the event but we also want to keep your children entertained while you join us. Check out the post below for a digital and physical Kids Activity Pack.

3. Follow #MSCreate

Conversations may continue after this event. Follow #mscreate and @microsoftcreate on twitter 🕊 to keep learning.

Bookmark and revisit any of these page during the event to engage in live (and post-event) discussions on those topics with both speakers and the community. The speakers will be here for a live Q&A for at least 15 minutes immediately after their session concludes. After the event, come back to find additional slides, videos, and resources for this session.


Dec 7, 2020: 08:00 PDT - 08:10AM PDT
Grab your coffee or tea (or even better, your food made with our speakers' recipes), log in, and join our host and speakers for an amazing morning.

Adi Polak is a Senior Software Engineer and a Cloud Advocate @ Microsoft. She's a huge foodie and is the mother of Chuppa the cat. Follow @adipolak on Twitter.

Keynote: Driving a data culture in a world of Remote Everything

Dec 7, 2020: 08:10 PDT - 08:30AM PDT
Arun and Heather share the capabilities that can accelerate the adoption of a data culture in an organization.

This session will be delivered by Arun Ulagaratchagan,
Corporate Vice President of Power BI Engineering @ Microsoft and Heather Newman, a Senior Content Developer @ Microsoft. Follow @arunulag and @heddanewman on Twitter.

This session will also see sketchnote 👑 Nitya Narasimhan Senior Cloud Advocate @ Microsoft sketchnote live!
Follow @nitya on Twitter.

👏🏼 Sketchnote

Apache Spark and Open Source Insights

Dec 7, 2020: 08:30 PDT - 08:50AM PDT
Holden and Cheryl share in this session what’s new with Spark and some of the best practices and how you can keep yourself up-to-date in the Big Data & AI space.

This session will be delivered by Holden Karau, OSS Spark Dev, and Cheryl Adams, Data architect, and Senior Content Developer, @ Microsoft. Follow @holdenkarau and @ctechdiva on Twitter.

Picking the Right Distributed Database

Dec 7, 2020: 08:50 PDT - 09:10AM PDT
Tim and Abhishek share how you can pick the right database given the multitude of options at your disposal and new ones coming up quite frequently.

This session will be delivered by Tim Berglund, Senior Director of Developer Advocacy, Confluent, and Abhishek Gupta, Senior Cloud Advocate, @ Microsoft. Follow @tlberglund and @abhi_tweeter on Twitter.

Using SQL with Delta Lake

Dec 7, 2020: 09:10 PDT - 09:30AM PDT
Delta Lake is an open-source storage management system (storage layer) that brings ACID transactions and time travel to Apache Spark and big data workloads. Learn from Jacek and Jasmine as they demonstrate much can be achieved from SQL alone while working with Delta Lake.

This session will be delivered by Jacek, Business Owner, Software Engineer, and Consultant, and Jasmine Greenaway, Senior Cloud Advocate, @ Microsoft. Follow @jaceklaskowski and @paladique on Twitter.

Panel: Data for Good

Dec 7, 2020: 09:30 PDT - 10:00AM PDT
Join the powerhouse, four inspiring and accomplished leaders in the data space for this Data For Good panel. They share their perspectives about what good data is and how it relates to actually doing good.

This session will be delivered by Adi Shacham-Shavit, EVP Engineering @ Clear Blockchain Technologies, Eve Pardi, Azure Data Engineer @ Avanade and AI MVP, and Ruth Yakubu, Senior Cloud Advocate @ Microsoft, moderated by Anna Hoffman Data & Applied Scientist and Host of Data Exposed @ Microsoft.

Follow @adishsh, @evepardi, @ruthieyakubu and @analyticanna on Twitter.

Closing Keynote

Dec 7, 2020: 10:00 PDT - 10:20AM PDT
We wrap up the morning with Simon and Saveen as they talk through the journey to modern analytics and how the barriers have been lowered for big data adoption.

This session will be delivered by Saveen Reddy, Group Program Manager @ Microsoft, and Simon Whiteley, Director of Engineering, Owner of AdvAnalyticsUK, Microsoft Data Platform MVP

Follow @saveenr, and@mrsiwhiteley

Workshop: Intro to Serverless SQL

Dec 7, 2020: 10:20 PDT - 11:10AM PDT
Skill-up after the main sessions! In this workshop, you'll learn about Data Analytics, SQL, and Data Visualization - most importantly, you will gain hands-on experience with running interactive queries using Azure Synapse SQL Serverless! We'll reward you with limited Azure Heroes Badgers upon completion of the workshop!

This session will be delivered by Simon Whiteley, Director of Engineering, Owner of AdvAnalyticsUK, Microsoft Data Platform MVP, and Adi Polak, Senior Software Engineer and Cloud Advocate @ Microsoft.

Follow @adipolak, and@mrsiwhiteley

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And for those who made it this far, we encourage you to join the rest of our activities for #Dataweek!

See you at #mscreate and #dataweek!

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