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Why should I care about Azure App Service Environment version 3?

Join Julien Dubois asking Christina Compy all the questions about the new in public preview third version of the Azure App Service Environment ASE. It is not only easier to secure but also less pricy. Find out more in our YouTube video.

The v3 version's got many improvements, mainly regarding network access. So, instead of having outbound traffic. Now, everything is inside your virtual network. Before, you used to have outbound dependencies and even inbound dependencies for your App Service Environment.

With v3, there are no dependencies via inbound or outbound, that are inside your Azure virtual network. This makes it a lot easier to secure, to pass security reviews compliance, etc. Where people can just take a quick look at the system and realize, that it's as isolated as, say, a virtual machine running inside your virtual network. It's all under your control:

  • Do you want to put up Network Security Groups to secure the entire thing? You can!
  • If you want to route the outbound traffic through your own firewall device You can!

Basically, the network is totally under your control.

More details, also about pricing at

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