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[GameDev] Don't Fall

Hi everyone!

Today I finally published the new game for Google Play.

Nothing special to say for now in terms of development. Probably the exciting part that I've decided to give a try and use Microsoft did the nice sdk for mobile developers to have analytics dashboard, easy setup for push notifications(basic audience support based on tracked events). Only the one thing that it's not usable for now if you are Unity developer that's the build system. In the build system you can choose for now Android, iOS projects to build and distribute to the stores but it's impossible to have custom setup to make the exports of the builds from unity to xcode, gradle projects.

I believe I will use Gitlab hooks to export the projects to xcode, gradle submodules and push it to Github because appcenter haven't started the support for Gitlab as repository to sync yet.

Hopefully, it looks good as time-killer app.

Thank you for reading!


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Mikael Klages

It needs a little increasing difficulty, I got to 200 on my first try and didn't feel like playing anymore.

Some minor stuff:

  • The yellow blocks placed in the tutorial gives you points, so if you just never end it you can get an infinitely high score.
  • The game doesn't have a thumbnail on my Pixel 1, just the default unity thumbnail
  • The coins seemingly do nothing?
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Alexandr K

everything looks reasonable, going to create the issues to fix. thank you! if you have time please check out my other games. I would really appreciate feedback. thank you again!