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Git and GitHub

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Git and GitHub for Beginners

If you are new to coding, you can be overwhelmed with all the new technologies you will start using, not just by its installation but its use itself. One of the most used and commented between programmers is Git and GitHub.

But what is the difference. Git is a free and distributed version control system, it is considered modern and mature; it is and actively maintained open source. It allows tracking changes in computer files and project collaboration with more than one person; one of its main characteristics is its efficiency handling large projects. In other words, is a tool to manage your source code or repositories.
GitHub is a hosting service for the Git repositories, so even when they are not the same, they work together: Git is a tool, and GitHub is the hosting server for projects using Git.

Install Git and create GitHub Account

You can follow the installation link and it will walk you through all the installation steps, there is also the option to install it through the command line, but I will not include it in this post.

For Mac, follow the link:

For windows, follow the link:

Create a GitHub account


1.Go to the GitHub sign up page.

alt text

2.Enter a username, valid email address, and letter, one numeral, and seven characters.

3.Review carefully the GitHub Terms of Service and Privacy Policy before continuing. Upon clicking the “Create an account” button you will simultaneously be agreeing to these documents.

4.Choose a plan. You have two choices: Free and paid.

alt text

5.Tailor your experience.

alt text

6.Your GitHub account is created!

Enjoy your coding !!!

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