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#100DaysOfCode | Day 5

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Hey everyone, gonna share my experience about my 5th day of #100DaysOfCode.
yesterday was my 5th day, from yesterday I'm still working on a problem which is a little bit tricky and this problem is called Isogram!
I do not have a problem sovling goal anymore, cause for some of the problem I need to spend more time and I can not solve in a day.
so one of the most important rule of #100DaysOfCode challenge is to set a timing goal instead problem solving goal.
I mean that's better to say I'm gonna code for around 5 hours a day instead of solving 2 problem every single day!
Timing goal in my point of view is more reachable.

I think I'm gonna solve this problem today and going to share my problem and solution tommorow in my next post.
Thank you much for motivating me.

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