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Hey everyone, My name is Banji and I'm a junior python developer, so yeah I'm a newbie and still learning python and I know there's a long journey for me but I love this way and I decided to make coding as a habit for myself, so I accepted 100DaysOfCode challenge and I hope to do this great challenge as hard as I can to improve my programming skills and learn new stuff through this way....
so My goals for this challenge in 100 Days are:

  1. Solving At least 2 Problem from https://exercism.io/
  2. Learning Django and Flask(after 30Days)
  3. Learning PostgreSQL(after Django/Flask)
  4. Coding At least 1 hour, every single day!

an I'll share my cods on https://Gitlab.com and my progress on https://dev.to .
so It would be so nice if you have any suggestion or advice and developer or programmer to help me in this way or maybe you can say that my goals are terrible or whatever that you think that I can improve, just let me know cause that would be my pleasure to hear from you and read your comments.
Thank you for reading my Post ;)
Happy Coding :)

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A Persian boy who is so lovely and wanna learn sth every Single-Day!


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Great to hear about your decision! I think your goals are very achievable and practicing every day will definitely make a huge difference. My advice as someone who started programming only since last year, try to stick to your routine and goals, don't be so hard on yourself when you don't understand something quickly as other things. And, I think the most important advice, be careful with the amount of information you can get online. Nowadays there's 1000 tutorials, guides, gurus, etc. It's really easy to get lost and overwhelmed, so choose your "guides" well and take it on your pace.

Wish you success!


Wow, thank you soooooooo much for sharing your info with me, cuz I'll take advantage from all of your words and advice in my journey.
again tnx for leaving a lovely comment under my post.
Happy Coding :)


Super thankful I clicked on your blog and found this post! I just saved exercism to help with my learning journey!! I'm about to start a Bootcamp, touching on Ruby currently. Python is on the top of my "to learn" list. How long have you been coding?


Hey bro, I'm glad that you found my post helpful :)
I prefer exercism instead of Hackerrank or whatever cuz most of the problem in Exercism are so useful and if you have problem or issue to solve any problem there's mentors to help you solve your problem correctly and in a efficient way.
wow, you are going to start a bootcamp?
but ya know what? I think they are looking for your money! I still prefer to stay at home and watching online tutorial from famous websites and solving problem all by myself.
In my point of view bootcamps are money wasting but I'm not sure about the quality of your bootcamp.
So Keep it up Oliver
Thank you so much for leaving a comment below my post :)

Keep Moving Forward ツ

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Python is a great language to start learning!



Tnx for leaving a comment ...

Keep Moving Forward ツ

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