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Learn to code with the right mindset!

It's critical to have the right mindset when learning to code.

Having the right mindset can put you ahead in the learning process. It can help you become a better developer just by changing the way you think and the way you approach it.

Our mindset affects our productivity, and if you don't have proper knowledge, you could stop progressing, and maybe even start procrastinating.

In this post, I will share with you the five tips that will help you with getting the right mindset, become a better developer, and overall a better person.

Five mindset tips that you should know as a programmer:

1. Errors will happen

When learning to code, be prepared that you will face errors, and things will break. No one at the beginning of their coding journey knew how to program, either you do.

When you get errors, and you try solving them, you are immediately progressing, and that makes you a better programmer.

2. Understand the code

Don't copy and paste the code without knowing what every single line means. If you do want to learn from someone else's code, you can rewrite it line by line and see what stuff does what.

If your learning resource is YouTube courses, make sure to analyze their code and understand how it works.

3. Give yourself time

Everyone is different when it comes to learning. Some people learn fast, while some people learn slow. Giving yourself enough time to discover how long it takes for you to understand things, and write your code is very efficient.

When you finally will learn something that appeared challenging, you won't forget it, and you won't repeat the same mistakes.

4. Don't compare

Different people have different methods of learning and have different metrics for themselves. Everyone's goals are also different, which means the outcome is going to be disparate. Figure out what you want and stick to it.

Don't compare yourself to others because that's just counter-productive.

5. Degree is optional

Degrees are not necessary when it comes to web development. Many self-taught are professionally working because employers want someone who can get the job done.

It doesn't matter if you acquired your skills in college, or with the help of online courses.

That's it!

What do you think about my tips? Would you add or remove something from the list? Please let me know all of that in the comment section below!

Thank you so much, have a great day!

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Toqeer Abbas

Thanks. Great Tips.
I have a question: How much time we should spend on learning a language like how many hours of the day we should spend on learning?

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Bart Zalewski

You're welcome! 😊

It depends on your own preferences, but I would suggest reading my post on that:

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Toqeer Abbas


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Mehdi Rahimi

This was cool :) tnq

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Bart Zalewski

Thank you so much! 😁