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FARM STACK [ FastAPI +React+ mongoDB]

This is my latest video on YouTube, the FARM stack course, although this stack is not as popular as MERN, MEAN , LAMP, JAM etc.. it is my favorite stack, I created a full fledged application using FARM stack for a client who wanted to take orders for her flower shop that consists of 4 branches in the Polish capital, Warsaw.

The prerequisites to follow along is to have the basic understanding of the following :

1- HTTP request methods
2- Async/Await Syntax
3- Python language in general and FASTAPI in particular
4- JavaScript ES6 and React JS basics
5- Database systems, and specially NOSQL
6- Fundamentals of MongoDB
7- How client talks to the server (Axios/ HTTP methods)

I hope you will enjoy the video, you can contact me here by dropping a comment or you can mail me on

Source code:

Have a good one - Bek

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