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Game Of Life in Python

Let me show you, how to code Game OF Life simulation in my favorite language: Python.
At first, I did not fully understand what Game Of Life was all about, from multiple resources - not only wikipedia 😄- I gathered the idea, and step by step, the whole concept was revealed: Evolution!

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The code is below 🙂

''This is Game Of Life (Thrones 😄) 
   simulation coded in Python '''

from random import choice
from turtle import *
import turtle
from freegames import square

cells = {}

# 1 Initialization function
def initialize():
    '''Here, we will randomly initialize the cells'''
    for x in range( -200, 200, 10):
        for y in range( -200, 200, 10):
            cells[x,y] = False

    for x in range(-50, 50, 10):
        for y in range(-50, 50 ,10):
            cells[x,y] = choice([True, False])

# 2 Step function
def step():
    '''Here, we will compute one step in the game of life.'''
    neighbors = {}

    for x in range(-190, 190, 10):
        for y in range(-190, 190, 10):
            count = -cells[x,y]
            for h in [-10, 0, 10]:
                for v in [-10, 0, 10]:
                    count += cells[ x + h, y + v ]
            neighbors[x,y] = count

    for cell, count in neighbors.items():
        if cells[cell]:
            if count < 2 or count > 3:
                cells[cell] = False 
        elif count == 3:
            cells[cell] = True

# 3 The drawing function
def draw():
    '''Here, we are going to draw all the green squares, i choose green to match the channel's theme 😄'''
    for (x,y), alive in cells.items():
        color = 'green' if alive else 'black'
    ontimer(draw, 100)

'''Setting up the turtle window'''
turtle.title("Game of life")
setup(420, 420, 370, 0)
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Acid Coder

speaking of game of life

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Bek Brace

Thank you for sharing this :)