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Qt 6 - The Ultimate UX Development Platform

Two years ago, I have started exploring PyQt5 at that time the framework was Qt5 with PySide2 module; I have also created a tutorial on my channel on ow to create a Loan Calculator with PyQt5.
Now in 2023, we have Qt 6.4 with PySide6 module to be used for various range of applications,

and as the title says " The Ultimate UX development platform", and to convince you more of how Qt6 is amazing, here are some reasons why you may consider choosing Qt for your app production:
1- Design and develop great user experiences: With Qt, you can create awesome user experiences that in turn creates dedicated customers and elevates your company into a cult-like brand.
2- Qt saves you money: With Qt, one code stack and one development team can support all your target platforms at the same time. You might not just take our word for it, but surely you can trust Forrester's total economic impact report.
3- Get your products to market faster: Qt streamlines your workflows at every step of your project. With Qt, designers and developers are able to collaborate seamlessly and utilize Qt’s ready-made libraries to deliver products ahead of the competition.
4- Performance, delivered: Performance is a feature. With Qt, you can deliver it. More responsive human-to-machine interactions, faster startup times, smoother animations, and better performance makes your UX your differentiator.

This is a simple introduction about Qt6 and how you can create a simple GUI app in Python using PySide6 module.

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