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Resources to nail DSA

My journey of learning DSA was not an easy one. I was always puzzled while finding resources (youtube videos, courses and blogs). This confusion was a semester long, and I wasted a lot of time in searching for resources. The mistake I made was, looking for one platform to cover all the topics. I read books, blogs, saw videos, completed 2-3 courses of DSA, learnt DSA in college lectures, switched to java from C++ and completed Data structures in Java and C++ both. Even I completed data structures in Python also after reading some answers from quora. But when I started to solve problems, I was not able to solve all the questions in one particular language. My tests would clear but interviews collapse because of not sticking to one language for every question. So I again started revising everything about DSA in C++(this was also a recommendation).

Here is a list of Books, blogs, courses and youtube channels I used to learn Data Structures this semester. I have not included those which were just waste of time.


  1. Data Structures and Algorithms by Clifford A Shaffer
  2. Algorithms by S Dasgupta
  3. The Algorithm Design Manual by Skiena


  1. Abdul Bari's course on Udemy
  2. Elementary Data Structures on Saylor Academy (Best content)
  3. NPTEL

Youtube Channels

  1. AlgoRhythmics (Toughest algorithms explained beautifully)
  2. Abdul Bari
  3. Freecodecamp

Blogs and Websites

  1. Interviewbit (specially for sorts)
  2. Data Structures Visualization
  3. Programmingoneone (for Asymptotic Analysis)
  4. Omarelgabrys


  1. Data Structures Handbook (last minute preparation)

Thanks for reading
Do share the resources which you preferred for DSA in the comments⬇⬇⬇

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hii i just started dsa can u please suggest me any utube channel or website which teaches DSA in JAVASCRIPT and solve codding question ...... and ans also avilable ,.. please help

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