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Ben Halpern
Ben Halpern

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Apple Takes Legal Action Against This Small Company’s Pear Logo

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Prepear is a meal planner and grocery list app that helps people discover recipes and more. It’s a spin off from the founders of Super Healthy Kids and right now they saying its logo is under legal attack from Apple.

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Akash Kava • Edited

"Apple" trademark is owned by company which has nothing to do with Fruits, Everybody learns "A" for "Apple" and that Apple is a fruit or even food for that matter. This is the time Apple will become the most hated company soon. "Pear" on other hand has every right to name and do the business as it has something to do with Fruit.

These laws (Trademark/Patent) were created to protect small business's investments, otherwise small businesses would never cherish, total misuse of all the laws by Apple and major tech giants.

May be Apple has something in their business plan to use Pear as name of some new product, this could be the only explanation behind it.

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Jason C. McDonald • Edited

Apple: We Copyright Fruit™

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I can't believe it.

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Jealously is very simple thing spread by these big tech companies. They need to learn about humanity.

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Rolf Streefkerk

this is just bullying small businesses that have a legal right to use this kind of naming and imagery.

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Brandin Chiu

Seems about reasonable. Apple tried to trademark the lowercase 'i' character around the time the iPhone came out if I remember correctly as well.