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I am going to the Winter Tech Forum in Crested Butte, Colorado on March 6-10 and will be speaking at CakeFest (a conference centered around a PHP web application framework called CakePHP that was the first open source project I ever contributed to)


I'm speaking for first time ever @ Codeland Conf! It's the first CFP I've ever applied to, and it was accepted. So honored. So excited. :)


Awesome!!! I am going to try to attend that one too.


I am attending the Society of Hispanic Professionals Engineers regional leadership development conference in Brooklyn on March 1st. The conference actually runs from that week's Thursday to Saturday. I am very excited about it as I have never done a technical programming interview and I would like to see how I do. I am expecting to fail and looking forward to learning more about myself and the process.


Codeland, Women Techmakers Summit (NYC), Google I/O if they let me in :D


Attending one right now: The Belgian test event! And speaking here about IoT and testing.


New England Regional Developers aka NERD Summit!


I'm going to Playgrounds in Melbourne next week and then speaking at APIdays in Sydney the week after.


Talking on Codemotion Amsterdam this May 🎉
And really hoping to go to GraphQL Europe in May as well...


@bsidesnash @BSidesAVL @BSidesCHS and a new one for us @BSidesJackson teaching #lockpick at all of them :)


I'm giving my first conference talk at Atlantic Security Conference in Halifax NS. Looking forward to it!


I'm from Halifax! Could be a nice excuse to go home.


Yes, Droidcon Bangkok, it's gonna be my first conf ever! Anything I should know before going?

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