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Coffee drinkers: Do you take breaks?

ben profile image Ben Halpern ・1 min read

If you drink coffee daily or almost daily— do you ever take time off from this habit? Do you do so regularly?


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I feel like weekends and vacations are when I can mostly get away from it due to additional sleep and less urgency to get going in the mornings.

The amount of sleep I get and my lunch break can heavily influence if I drink it daily and how much. Heavy lunch = potential food coma and a need for a second cup. ☕

Also 🇨🇦


My problem is that weekend and vacation coffee is the best coffee!!

It may not be as needed, but what beats coffee on vacation?


Actually agree with you especially on vacation when I tend to try something new from local coffee shops but I usually don't go out of my way to find these places.

I would also think doing something fitness related could be an alternative to going straight for the coffee in the mornings although I have not been able to stay consistent with that so I can't be the main advocate for it.

The best kind of "detox vacation" would probably be something where you put yourself in a scenario of nature/outdoors/etc. where the stimulus is different, the mood is different, etc. and the perks/addiction of coffee are less gripping.


I agree with this sentiment, I usually end up suffering from a smashing headache by the Sunday afternoon due to the caffeine withdrawal.


NEVER! Haha. I have my 1 pour over every morning as it makes my day much better. I spend a good bit of effort making sure my coffee is excellent (selecting beans, roasting, careful brewing) so it makes me happy when I wake up and get ready then finally enjoy my coffee.

If I was at the point where I needed multiple cups just to get through the day though...I'd probably take a break a few days a month.


Yup I do 🙋‍♂️. So after everymonth I spend an entire week without coffee. First few days suck 😖 but after that it’s normal. I think breaks are important to maintain your coffee tolerance and when you drink again after break.


It is easier said than done. But I sometimes juggle between Coffee and Tea just because I reached my Coffee limit for the day 😛. On a daily basis, I used to have Coffee at least 2 times. We have this Coffee called "Filter Coffee" which is with milk.

If you guys ever visit South India especially the state of Tamilnadu or a South Indian owned coffee shop in your place check if they have authentic "Filter Coffee" you will definitely love it.


I'm at a point where no caffeine means a headache.

I'm not a coffee drinker, I'm a coffee addict.

Luckily I don't actually need to drink much, I need to drink less than 1 cup, however I need to drink some daily.


I drink espresso every day, I don't notice any difference whether I keep to the schedule, omit a day or two, or even have an espresso late at night (around 9-10pm!). I may be desensitized to caffeine perhaps?


NEVER. I take it almost every day, or I can't work.

Actually, even if the coffee's effects are too much, I can still sleep to ease palpitations.

I generally drink coffee even on vacations and weekends just to feel awake.


I had to take a 3 day break recently because the coffee grinder broke. :'( But got a new (and better!) one, so back on the coffee track again.

As for coffee intake, I'm usually between 2 and 4 cups a day. Not too much, not too little, imho.


As a tea person, the first thing that comes in mind is Java ☕😄


I only take a single cup of coffee every day, but it's not very strong. I skip sometimes on weekends if I wake up too late.

I reserve it for the time of the day when I feel like having it the most, like if I have day full of meetings I would take it in the morning or if I have no meetings at all I wait until the evening or skip it altogether. Helps with not forming a habit


Almost daily here, one or two cups per day.

For those who are worried about their coffee consumption, I wanted to leave this note:

Do coffee drinkers live longer than non-coffee drinkers? Is it, “Wake up and smell the coffee,” or “Don’t wake up at all?”
The largest study ever conducted on diet and health put that question to the test, examining the association between coffee drinking and subsequent mortality among hundreds of thousands of older men and women in the United States. Coffee drinkers won, though the effect was modest. 10 to 15% lower risk of death for those drinking six or more cups a day, specifically due to lower risk of dying from heart disease, respiratory disease, stroke, injuries and accidents, diabetes, and infections.

That much coffee was found to increase the death rates of younger people, though—under age 55. Hence, based on this study, it may be appropriate to recommend that you avoid drinking more than four cups a day. But, if you put all the studies together, the bottom line is that coffee consumption is associated with no change or a small reduction in mortality starting around one or two cups a day, for both men and women.

Source: nutritionfacts.org/video/coffee-an...
(one great wikipedia for nutrition)




A couple of months ago I was drinking more pre-made cappuccinos and lattes, but after buying a good pack of coffee (5 varieties) I started to drink a cup in my breakfasts before work at least twice a week, and some tea almost every afternoon (to make some balance during the day).
In the future I will invest in a good machine (I am asking for alternatives to the american type) and quality coffee.
The best cup I have is every saturday after I woke up and have a calm breakfast looking at the city in peace.


Just when doctor says it's enough. I go sometimes up to 3 espressos and eat loads of chocolate which destroys my ability to sleep. So 3 nights no sleep means no more than 1 coffee this week and no sugar


Tea drinker here, but same same I guess. Yes I do and mostly when I am away (hiking, whatever), but also when I feel I have been in "need" of cafeine. Sometimes, I take a break just to remind my body that I don't need it, I enjoy it.

Like you, free time tea is the best, so I try to have it only I really enjoy it, not when I swallow it uncounsciously.


I only really drink coffee Monday - Friday. It's not for the caffeine or a "kick-start", it's more just part of the routine. I rarely have a coffee on a weekend, and really don't miss it at the time.

I purely have coffee for the taste and part of the routine it brings. It's also why I hate bad coffee. If it doesn't taste nice, I simply won't drink it, so I avoid instant coffee at all costs.


Used to drink 8-10 cups a day. But that sometimes lead to me having shaking hands. Which I'm sure is not healthy. So not I drink a cup in the morning and one around 3pm. For the rest I drink wanted and sometimes a can of soda.


I'm having a break right now - on decaf for the week since I'm feeling too jittery even without it. I used to be properly addicted but broke that due to circumstances a few years ago and haven't allowed it to happen again - try to do only one proper coffee per workday and usually none on weekends.


Wow - what a timely thread. I decided to give up my daily morning coffee dose today and OMG- did I get one heck of a headache. Worst. Headache. Ever. I'm definitely addicted. I think I'm just going to try and cut down a little rather than completely giving it up.


Is this power possible?

If I didn't have coffee, I feel like I can blame not drinking coffee is the reason for all the things that go wrong that day.

I'm generally lazy to go grocery shopping. But, if I run out of coffee or milk, in a blink I find myself at nearest store 😁


I have done weeks where I just buy a few boxes of green tea and I drink that instead. But I do miss coffee and lately I’m drinking a lot because I am fasting regularly so I have just coffee and water till dinner time, feels great not to be sluggish after lunch!


Yes, I find coffee makes my mind "linear", for lack of a better word. I think it's sometimes important to let it be "fluid". I also try to balance out my coffee drinking with tea drinking (especially matcha), because although tea also has caffeine, the l-theanine seems to buffer the anxiety-filled burnout feeling that excessive coffee brings.


I've done so accidentally when my coffee maker broke and it just didn't seem so pressing to replace it at the time. (In the middle of the covid pandemic).

I feel i'm okay without it but I do enjoy having at least one cup a day to get me started on days with little sleep.

Also helps headaches if you suffer from them. (I forget the science behind it but it affects blood-flow that is beneficial to migranes)


1 cup of black coffee every morning. It helps set the tone for my day. I've thought about occasionally skipping and starting the day with a smoothie instead but there's something so comforting about having a hot coffee in the cool morning.


If I skip coffee, I generally feel that there's something missing for the rest of the day. It's just that since I didn't get coffee, I can't remember what. 😉


I drink coffee several times daily. I don’t take day long breaks unless I’m sick. But, I do alternate my coffee with a lot of water.


You ask this question as if I have any power over the decision haha


I tend to take smaller dose breaks . I will go from energy drinks to tea


I love the coffee and drunk a very, very lot in the past, but right now I drink not very often, lately I drink a lot of energy drinks, and Yeah I'm not rest of this habit, you know....Caffeine😉👍✌️


I used to, but not anymore. I probably still should. Oh well. 🚀🚀🚀🚀


I try to always go half-caff. That way I get the edge but take it easy as well.
1/2 decaf + 1/2 regular = cooooool

On days where I need the fix, I snag a cold brew and zip on, baby. Ziiiip


Noooooo. Why would you?!?!


Weekends, vacations. Sometimes I drink one coffee per day but somtimes I drink two.


I had to. Lately, I began to feel sleepy and too tired one hour after i finish my coup. I usually drink 3-4 coups per day, or even more if I have to do something late night.


I used to drink 4-5 coffees in a day - and I would usually get flavoured ones with ~ 100 calories. But now I only drink it black and I do it when I have to do something productive - like code/study 🙂


It's a breakfast thing for me, so no. I rarely ever drink coffee after breakfast.


Not really, but I sometimes skip it if I'm not feeling well or if I'm traveling and it's super inconvenient.


I drink coffee in moderation so that when I do drink it. It tastes better. That coffee fume high is hard to beat though.


I went from drinking 8/10 a day to a strict morning 1 coffee only.
And it does really help, you get so used to caffeine, that this 1 is really enjoyable.


I've been trying to stop drinking any form of caffeine after 1pm. It's not going great LOL.


Most days I take maybe 3 or 4 hours breaks between drinking coffee