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Do you have any hardware suggestions for distributed meetings?

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We're rounding into shape in terms of our process and our software for remote meetings, but we still haven't settled on some of the ideal technology for attending from our own desks. We need audio quality, limited background noise, etc.

So any headphone, mic suggestions that folks on the team can use by default would be great.

Even if you don't think you have "the perfect stuff" any additional info on what folks are using is helpful.

Thanks in advance!

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We are using Plantronics Voyager Legend. I do like it because it

  • has a nice battery life
  • comes with a robust case which can also charge the headset while it lays in it
  • is wireless and has a good range
  • has a good voice quality and the mic manages to reduce background noise nicely
  • can be connected to multiple devices at the same time
  • has buttons to pick up/end call, adjust volume, start voice assist etc.
  • is comfortable while wearing it

Even it is not the very best and a little bit pricy, I got used to it (because we had to at the office) and never want to miss it again.


Looks great. @jess you may particularly want to check this out.


@ben , what software do you use for remote meetings? We have had a nightmare with Skype for Business and are in the process to return to GotoMeeting.

I can recommend


We've been using google hangouts but thinking about switching to!

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