Follow Friday! (v2)

Ben Halpern on June 22, 2018

Below you can either write about why someone might want to follow you or devs you think others should follow and why. Feel free to do both.

Remember that mutual follows can message/pair via DEV Connect, so you're encouraged to follow back and say hey 👋

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I try to blog on a beginner level about many different cool things I learn. Basically, I write the blog post I wish I found when I was first trying to learn those things (it helps me solidify the stuff I learn, you should try it😉).

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If you would like to connect on follow me and reply here so I know to follow you back. I'm always open to meeting new people to learn from, code together, or just be friends with 🤗


I follow him everyday to the same job so I can confirm he is indeed a great follow!

By the way, Ben, I noticed that the reply box to a comment covers up part of the original message. Is that intended?

Okay, at this point it's getting creepy... 😜

Kidding. Ben is a great follow as well. His blog posts on interview questions and algorithms were eye opening.

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Let's do this.

Follow @deanbryen. Dean is highly skilled at DevSecOps Tooling and NodeJS. He is amazing in storytelling and makes every hard engineering concept - a one, every person can understand.

Check out his recent post --> Infrastructure as Code - An End to End Guide


Follow @adipolak Adi really knows her stuff on Kafka and streaming APIs

Follow @aspittel Ali is able to convey the basic programming knowledge we all need to have in a very nice and approachable way and with posts like this one is able to tell us what really matters, code, code and more code :)

Follow @john_papa John always looks to solve the bigger problems how to hold efficient presentations, how to not mix up which version of VS Code you are currently coding in with an extension like Peacock or 3 ways to improve, sage-like advice from someone who's been in the business for a long time

Follow @emmawedekind I think her RegEx cheat sheet is legendary by now, She also has a lot of other great posts so make sure to check those out as well


Fellow beginners should follow me :)

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I'm just beginning to get the hang of things and I plan to post daily because, well, what better way to learn. I feel like It'll give me some accountability and motivation when I have at least a few followers.

I'll start.

Follow @kaydacode , who is an iOS developer who likes to post mostly about career advice, and has been a longtime awesome community member.

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Follow @frosnerd for a lot of highly technical posts on cloud development as well as computer science and coding research topics.

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Follow me if you're excited about what we're building at because that's mostly what I talk about but it's kind of hard to avoid me on-platform. 😄

by the way

Mentioning the user and using the tag ({% user ben %}), as I have, is a good format. But feel free to use any format you like.


If you want to talk Ruby/Rails or engineering management on DEV Connect, you can follow me. See my recent AMA for the sort of topics I care about.


Hi, I'm writing my third Android book for Apress. I cross post my technical notes here at So, if you're interested in all things Android, Java and/or Kotlin, please do follow (I always follow back, so we can have some discussions in the future; if you feel like doing that). I also run some nodeJS and JavaScript trainings, so, I have some notes on that too. I'll post them here as soon as I've sanitized them

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Talk to you later.


If you are into mainframes and security (or even curious about those machines), you can't go wrong with @mainframed767 and @bigendiansmalls (on Twitter - I have no idea if they have profiles around here)


Follow @maxwell_dev if you're a front-end developer of any kind because his content is consistently entertaining and damn insightful. Check out a couple of my favorite posts of his:

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If you follow me you'll become a better JavaScript/React developer because I have a knack for explaining highly relevant topics in a simple and relatable way. I'm also a narcissist who needs your validation. Here's some of my work!

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This Follow Friday initiative has been interesting to me because I have not made an explicit effort to find and follow folks. Rather I tended to explore tags and read articles under them. So I decided I would use this tag to start a new practice of intentional discovery = find at least one new person to follow each week through one article of theirs that resonated.

But first my core follows:

Follow @ben - the development engine behind and someone from whom I've learnt a lot not just about platform architecture and growing/scaling ideas with intent, but also about how to engage in a tech community with empathy.

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Follow @jess - the community engine behind and someone who literally curates the top posts on making it easier for all of us to find people, content and topics weekly. Also one of the most fun people to find at conferences and hang out with. Plus stickers.

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My follow for the week: @lynnetye - I read this post from Lynne on how she stopped procrastinating, learnt to code and launched her first product - and it was inspiring. Also think her posts with focus on helping folks find teams & roles that fit their values, is worth reading

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Follow me if you are interested in: Google technologies (#Flutter, #PWA and #TensorFlow / #CloudML are top of mind right now) or if you have an interest in public speaking, conference/event organizing or POC-in-tech opinions :-)

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