My home office is coming along nicely

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I made this post last week...

And felt like giving an update of being just a bit more moved in...

The plant is definitely a positive element, as is my view of the yard as the trees change colors.

Probably the biggest thing lacking in the space is wall decor, something I've never had much success with. Given that this is the one place in the house that is not "shared" with my partner I definitely want to decorate with elements that make me feel like this is my space. She probably wouldn't want a Spider-man poster in our bedroom, but this room is fair game... But within that, I'm not sure what I want to do with it.

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I got some space invaders wall stickers for the living room to cover up some mess the previous tenant left, wife didn’t complain.

space invaders


I would be concerned about knocking over that precarious-looking vase.
Also as talking Tobey Maguire spiderman?


How about a large DEV logo in rainbow colours?
My walls are completely bare in my room and I never know what to do with them...


It's so... clean... as if you don't have any cats, dogs, books, musical instruments... How is this possible? ;) [I have 5 cats and 2 dogs. At a certain point in the workday the cats decide they've had enough and come into my office to do what cats do... Trundle through, knock stuff over, and generally trash the joint until I do their bidding.]


As someone who co-shares a home office with their partner and totally clashes on wall decor choices - I find that a good frame really goes a long way to making something like a Spiderman poster look classy. :) Office is looking great!


Here are some guiding questions for you, hopefully they will help you decide:

  1. What are things you never get tired of looking at?
  2. What makes you really happy when you look at it?
  3. What would you like the wall to tell you?

Answering these questions might help you focus on things you might want to put up on the wall - and obviously, no one can answer them for you.


This is coming along nicely!

Did you give yourself a set budget/timeline for getting your office up and running?


No timeline or budget. Since I owned mostly everything I used so far I haven't spent any money on this, but everything is definitely better set up than it was before.

I don't have a timeline but I'm immediately working on the next addressable item of wall decor.

We'll see about budget on future things.....


Thanks for sharing. I love looking at other peoples' workstations.


Do you use a TV as your daily pc-monitor?

How is it?


Ikea might be your best friend for this situation. Maybe just walking around the store might give you some inspiration. Check out their show room! (source: I used to work at Ikea a few years ago)


Yup you are making it better.
Good luck for your next upgrade 🎊


I'm seriously thinking I need to get something from artstation, maybe like:

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