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I think you know the real answer to that question.


Don't encourage him man.

The way he described how he sort of found himself making a static site generator, I start to think there's every chance he's gonna come back to his desk from a walk and find that he's released a and a video streaming platform or what not.


Are you kidding?? Ben Halpern's GIF-flavored awesomeness should know no arbitrary limits.


I have been using tenor very often, is a good promise (if you are looking for memes πŸ˜… )


Yeah: when you punch " animated gif" or even " type:gif" into Google, Tenor is usually one of the top results (it's pretty much neck-and-neck with Giphy).


I was building tenor until I JUST. FOUND. TENOR.... πŸ˜ͺ


I'm considering writing a whole post on this, but I think we all need to start saving our own favorite gifs and hosting them with an RSS feed. Brands, Reddit, everyone should have an RSS feed of gifs that they like or made. Then people can make keyboards and plugins that use the feeds you follow.


Okay so problem solved, even if FB "integrates" or otherwise sounds the death knell for Giphy - we have alternatives that are "just as good" -, ... which makes me wonder: why does FB want to throw that much money at a gif site when there are half a dozen equivalent ones - I guess "because they can" and because Mark Z is on a mission to rule the world?


Well yeah I really incline with this comment, because he might use those data points about users feelings when they are using that particular gif. So may be, he might build something to match that data with the users profile and target an ad.


I'd assume that he's planning to harvest referrer-links to see where GIFs are being used so he can pursue buying into those things. Otherwise, it's not a site you can directly monetize without killing it (unless FB's goal is to do to Giphy what Yahoo did to Tumblr).


I had a question that was bothering me and this thread seems like a good place to bring it up.
For a long time I was thinking of including nice catchy gifs in my dev article and YouTube videos. But the legality of all that bothers me.
Like giphy says we have rights to use their gifs "on their platform" and nowhere else.
Also, if there is an alternate platform which provides free gifs, wouldn't the rights to the underlying content lie with the original creators of the video from where the gif was created?

How do you guys handle gifs in the content that you create?


99% of the stuff on their platform wasn't exactly stuff they originated. So, while they could choose to block external links to cut down on bandwidth-siphoning, they'd be in a really-hard-to-enforce grey area when it comes to using "their" content outside of their platform.


Someone in a local Slack org asked the same thing. And here I am just not wanting Facebook to kill off the /giphy command. πŸ™ƒ


There's a few other GIF sites that have Slack integrations (we had a guy who thought it was a good idea to add all of them, at one point ...causing us to lock down who could add new integrations).


He, uh, didn't have a lot of common sense (among other problems).

After a couple rounds of me removing the integrations and him putting them back, I ended up asking him "did you somehow think that the disappearance of those integrations was just random? Which is to say, did it not occur to you after the second time that they disappeared, that it might not be a good idea to ask before re-enabling them a third time?" And then locking things down more than I'd have preferred.


Tenor for grabbing gifs

EasyGif for editing gifs


I am pretty sure the bing image api has a gif filter on it. I use the standard image search for my app and I quite like it, the pricing is very good.


I had a ten X colleague who loved this stuff.


It's sad to see giphy being swallowed. Especially after the integration with signal app.



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