What are the most up-to-date SEO technical best practices?

I'm pretty familiar with search engine optimization "best practices", but it's sometimes hard to differentiate old school common wisdom with what actually matters today. Anybody care to shed some light if you are keeping up with these things?

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0) have good content

1) follow google's guidelines

2) have websites linking to direct pages in your site

3) have a blazing fast site (this is usually under estimated)

I was in SEO for five years before switching to development. This is the most up-to-date SEO 'best practice' info that would be specifically relevant to devs working with JS frameworks: moz.com/blog/javascript-seo

For anything SEO best practice, you are better of following Google guidelines.


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Whenever a modal is brought up, I think about this article I read a year ago.

Checkout these 7 SEO trends that really help these days cloudways.com/blog/seo-trends-2017/

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