What to expect from dev.to in 2018

Ben Halpern on January 11, 2018

The biggest improvements this year will probably be a lot of small ones. As the base of knowledge on the site increases, the impact we can make wit... [Read Full]
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Open source!!! 🎉
Love the new design Improvements @ben . Excited! 💯


Can't wait to see all this awesomeness go down in 2018 ❤️


I think I speak for all of us when I say

shut up and take my money.gif

On a more serious note, thanks for keeping this community open, kind, and interesting.


I just want to iterate how grateful we are for the community's support. It's been an absolute delight working on dev.to -- not because of the code but because of the positivity each member brings to our shared platform.


👍 for a low-cost option to support, the unemployed thank you. Speaking of if you need someone to do some QA I'm not busy at the moment. ;)


Btw, does this mean there's post collaboration? 🧐

By Ben, Jesse and Peter

This is the first time I see "[...] with [Person 2] and [Person 3]


It's currently an admin-only feature and it's not really general-purpose in its implementation. So no, but in the future we'll have some stuff like this.

If you want to know where my head is at: I want us to add tooling for a sort of version control for posts, so great posts can be kept up to date and be more "timeless", the same way GitHub repos can be. But without the needs of all the features of version control like git, the UI can be a lot simpler.

Stack Overflow and Wikipedia, etc. have concepts like this too. I think it's an important eventual feature for the dev.to knowledge-base evolution. We want the original author to maintain full authorship and ownership of the post, but if it can be improved or have any of the code updated, it will be good for the long run. Some posts make sense to be updated, some it makes sense for them to be maintained as a capsule in time. These are all things to think about as we evolve.


Is there a way to set up a scholarship kind of thing that those of us who can and want to could add an extra buck or two to our memberships, so that those who can't afford it could get one? I'm not sure how it would work, but I know that I've taken advantage of similar stuff in the past on the receiving end, and always look for spaces where I can return the favor!


Oh, I failed to mention that. Yes, we intend to offer scholarships for those who would like to take part in a tier they don't have the means for and the pay-what-you-can will have room for paying for extra that will contribute to this opportunity, but we are also going to contribute these operations with the help of the sponsors.

Great question and we're definitely thinking along the same lines.


got excited about the open source approaching... I'm not like, stalking your github but... I am.


Looking forward to that open sourcing, I would like to contribute!

Awesome site guys


I love this platform and how engaged the dev community is here.


I'm so excited for another year of positive growth and maturation for the platform and community. Thanks for being here :)


Thanks for keeping this community open. Looking forward for all the awesomeness this 2018!


@ben I'm excited to see the success you've had over the past year, and I've enjoyed beginning to write on the platform :) Prior to this site there wasn't a place I felt comfortable sharing technical ideas, but the experience here has been super encouraging. On the open source front I'm curious - do you envision outside contributions to the codebase, or simply opening it up on a read-only basis.


"The core dev.to experience will always be free"

This is one of the reasons I'm also in love with Discord.

"We are also moving closer to open-sourcing the code for dev.to."

I'm so hyped for this! I haven't even done a "Hello World" in Ruby, so I'll have to start doing some homework :3


Good plans, great work ... you're already doing well, hearing the plans it can only get better. A contemporary developer is nothing without the community, without the ability to source help and solutions via Google, Stackoverflow and so on. An initiative like dev.to is a fantastic addition to that, adding something "extra" that I haven't seen elsewhere, it's incredibly useful and valuable.


for me is already the best place to a dev on web. just a little tip : target blank on post links by default


Yay! excited for all the new things going on this year! 🎉


Success dev.to! I'm in love with this platform and have benefited from here. Please keep up the good work connecting devs.

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