What's your experience with Mixpanel for user analytics? Would you recommend it or go with something different?

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There are analytical products like Mixpanel & Flurry which provide analytics like funnels, cohorts, etc. They help analyze key business metrics.

CleverTap is the only comprehensive product that combines behavioral analytics, user segmentation, and engagement in one complete suite.

There are a few clear reasons to go with CleverTap-

Analytics – CleverTap offers fully featured analytics for your website and app. Track drop offs via Funnels, retention via Cohorts, and key business trends. Track uninstalls, and mobile KPIs like D1, D3 and D7 retention.

Segmentation – One of the most powerful segmentation engines that allows you to segment users based on their past behavior, demographic data, location and even actions that the user didn’t do (e.g. a segment of users, who add to cart but don’t transact)

Engagement – Multiple engagement channels like Push Notifications, In-App notifications, FB retargeting, Email, SMS etc.

Campaign reporting – Track conversions from campaigns, not just opens and click-throughs.
APIs – Developer friendly APIs to integrate CleverTap with existing workflows
Customer Success – On-boarding & integration help.

Trust & Scale – and lastly, we’re trusted by over 4000 brands worldwide including names like Denver Broncos, DC Comics, Curiosity, Samsung, Star, McDonalds, and Sony.

Any thoughts on how it compares to Google Analytics would be really helpful, too!

GA can track engagement, but at least @ Yummly we've preferred GA for overall traffic analysis and Mixpanel for engagement analysis. They have a lot of built-in chart types for displaying event data in ways that Product folks and others can understand and make decisions on.

That said, we've also started tracking a lot of the same data natively, and while it's a LOT more work to convert that data to something that is easily consumable, Mixpanel is not doing anything that's unachievable oneself.

Were there constraints with Mixpanel that led you to track the same data?

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