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Ben Halpern
Ben Halpern

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Who's looking for open source contributors? (April 23 edition)

Please shamelessly promote your project. Everyone who posted in previous weeks is welcome back this week, as always. 😄

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Merlijn Vos • Edited

Saka Key is a keyboard interface to the web. You can do vim-ish commands to navigate around the interwebs without ever using your mouse and it works really well ❤️

I'm actually not affiliated to this project in any way, but I noticed a call for a maintainer in the repository and since I don't have the time myself, I'm writing this to spread the message and maybe reach someone who likes it as well and is willing to help.

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Mark Erikson • Edited

Redux is always looking for ways to improve our documentation. We currently have several open issues tagged "docs", and I'd gladly welcome help with any of them. I'm happy to advise and provide direction. If you're interested, please leave a comment in one of those issues, and we can figure out the best way to work on it.

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Vaidehi Joshi

Hello! 👋 I work at Skylight, your favorite Rails performance profiler. A few projects that are featured in the Skylight for Open Source Program are looking for more contributors (especially first-time contributors!)

You can take a look at the featured projects and their respective public performance data on their Skylight dashboard on the Skylight for Open Source Program's landing page over here.

This is a great opportunity for someone who is interested in making performance improvements for their favorite open source Rails application. ❤️

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This is a cool program. After reviewing the applications I understand that what Skylight is showing are projects that may need help in developing performance solutions to slow requests.

Thanks for providing a free service to these FOSS apps and bringing them greater attention.

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monir zaman

Conget is a CLI app that downloads file concurrently written in Golang, it's in experimental phase. If you want to contribute on this project to improve or finding and fixing bugs, don't hesitate, just send the pull request.

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Darryl Norris

monir zaman - Do you have a list of improvements or a roadmap for conget? Lately, I have been playing around with Golang. I will not mind seeing if there are any issues that I can contribute.

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monir zaman

Yes, I do. There are some improvements or feature could be added.

Improvement: add ETA end of the progress line display, update the progress information like wget and docker (human readable format).

Feature: add resume capability in case of failed download.

Fix: recently noticed download speed is not really accurate, have to fix that bug.

Test: write test cases etc.

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Jason C. McDonald

Qub³d Engine Group is a brand new voxel-based engine and game project, aiming to make a mature and extensible Minecraft-like game, backed by a vibrant and friendly community.

Anyone with interest in or experience with the following technologies are encouraged to join the project. They're just starting up, so there's plenty of room to find your niche:

  • C++ (especially C++17)
  • Clang compiler (GCC secondary)
  • OpenGL
  • GLFW (not necessarily final)
  • Lua
  • Sphinx (documentation)
  • CMake

The easiest way to get started is to join the Discord room. Link is on the website:

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Nick Taylor • Edited

I'm not affiliated with this in any way, just thought it was an interesting project to share. The LinkedIn front-end team just open sourced two very interesting CSS projects.

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Ahmad Awais ⚡️ • Edited

Me 🙌

Project: create-guten-block — 🔥 ⚛‏ 📦 A zero-configuration #0CJS developer toolkit for building WordPress Gutenberg block plugins.

Here's the roadmap for version 2.0.0 →.

Feel free to contribute to any other repo out off over 100 I open sourced.
More contributions === Better Code.

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Agis 👨‍💻

Hello, 👋🏼 I contribute to Github Desktop, a GUI for git pretty regularly, fixing bugs, answer questions on issues and help people with potential problems that they may have.

The core team of the project want to help new contributors so please feel free to chime in and contribute. 💙

Tip: Find issues labeled with help-wanted and/ or good-first-issue. These type of issues are perfect for external contributors.

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Fen Slattery

We're always looking for people to report new issues and solve existing ones on So you just learned! It's a markdown-only repository with resources for people to learn about marginalization in the tech industry.

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Justin Dorfman

We are always looking for new Awesome JSON Datasets

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Frank Taillandier

The venerable Jekyll static site generator could use some Ruby love for the next major version. Dear Rubyists fellows can take a look at our current priorities and help-wanted issues. Core team members will provide guidance and feedback to help you contribute to the project. If you think you can help us make Jekyll faster and better, this is the right moment to get involved. ❤️

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Daniel Coturel

I have just posted this one:
It's small and in PHP but everyone is welcome to contribute.