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Benjamin Rancourt
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One Year Blog Anniversary 🥂

This week marks a special event for me as it is the first anniversary of my blog! During one year, I steadily wrote at least one post per week about a variety of subjects, mostly technical! To celebrate this achievement, I decided to write this short article on it. 🎉

One post per week

Some weeks, it was not easy to write and share something as I was relatively busy in my personal time with my house, but I made it! For some weeks, I was able to keep in bank 3 or 4 articles in advance, but after some busier weeks, at many times I found myself writing and finishing an article on the day of its release (Thursday). So, if I want to be able to keep my strike, I should find a way to dedicate more of my personal time to writing. ✍️

Best subjects

With my Tags page, it is pretty obvious that I like to blog about some of my DevOps expertise: GitLab (32 min read), Docker (18 min read) and Traefik (15 min read). The Personal projects' tag demonstrates that I am occupied with a lot of personal side projects. It may be time to review some of them to see if I want to pursue them? 😛


Against all odds, there are some people who are reading me, either on this website or where I syndicate my posts (, Medium and LinkedIn). I know they are vanity metrics, but I cannot resist looking at them sometimes with unami, Google Search Console or the dashboard on and Medium. Most of them are organically referred from search engines, as I don't take the time yet to share them on social media. Should I share them at least on Twitter? 🐦

Necessary reflection

But, before doing that, I will need to seriously reflect on the goals I want for my personal website! 🤔 It will probably be one of my next posts! 😉

Next actions for my blog

Meanwhile, regardless of my conclusion, there are some actions that I want to tackle in the next year for my blog:

  • Gain 100 followers on Medium
  • Improve the tags page
  • Transform my blog to a website, to add more pages like a page about me, services that I can provide, etc.


I don't know if you are a regular reader of my blog, but I want to thank you for reading it! Each time I wrote a post, I'm thinking about you! 🥰 Seriously, I hope my articles are relevant and useful to you! 😇

Stay tuned for the next posts and stay safe! 😁

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Thank you!

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