My favorite channel is Fun Fun Function. Super engaging, and the author is really knowledgeable with experience at Spotify etc.


I really like LinusTechTips (not a coding channel) as well as the Google dev channels (Chrome Developers, Android Developers, Google Developers, as well as their related channels). freeCodeCamp has a channel. Derek Banas has a lot of "entire language in 30 mins" videos and tutorials.


Hah, I’ve watched a good bit of LTT myself. They usually have some good hardware tech explanations in As Fast As Possible too.


This is related more to computer security than programming, but I recently started watching LiveOverflow for his Capture-The-Flag videos. He breaks down the problems really well and I love watching him finish solving them.

Edit: Clarified the term "security".


This website tries to regroup quality dev video.

I also follow the channel Coding Tech on Youtube.


After that youtube sugestions works pretty well,
at least it did for me, until I watched like over 1000 of them and now it suggests random things πŸ˜€

There are hundreds of tech conf around the year, and at least so many meetups and live talk, and so few time to watch them πŸ˜‘


I watch a lot of conference channels too. I've seen some good ones from StrangeLoop, NDC, and SkillsMatter as well. Probably others I'm not thinking of right now.

Edit: A lot of Sandi Metz videos are really good too, which are usually RubyConf videos. Here is the latest one I watched having to do with teamwork.


I like a lot videos from NDC conferences:

There are over 2,000 videos available for free,

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