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Silicon Valley is great, a lot of jokes that just developers understand


The IT Crowd and Silicon Valley are the two that come to my mind first


Oh yes, the IT Crowd is great!

"Have you tried turning it off and on again?"

A friend told me about his colleague in OPs who would install an app remotely in case of an incident.

It did nothing but show a progress bar that the computer "is being repaired" after restart. It worked really well :-)


Swordfish, if you can call what Hugh Jackman's hacker character does any where near software development 😂... either way awesome film

Classic DEV Post from Jun 15

Know Not Only Your Weaknesses, But Strengths as Well

Most people want to develop self-awareness. Whether we are managers, entrepreneurs, or aspiring software engineers, the more knowledge we have of our strength and weaknesses, the easier life becomes.

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