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Bigyan Thapa
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How important is accessibility for you as a developer?

This is targeted for Android Developers, but if you have accessibility knowledge in any framework, please feel free to take part.

I am in a process fixing several accessibility issues of my company's app and have been looking at resources, tutorials and articles to learn more.
This discussion in intended to collect some insights on the following areas of accessibility:

  • How do you feel about accessibility?
  • How accessible is your android app?
  • What accessibility issues are you prioritizing?
  • How are you verifying the accessibility fixes?
  • Any pending future enhancements on your TODO list?
  • Any useful resources you want to share :)

Thank you!

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Bigyan Thapa

WCAG 2.0 AA (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) seems to be the pretty standard format for accessibility in Web and these guidelines are transferred along to Android and iOS platforms.
Please jump in if you have additional information.