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Better readme in 5 minutes. (Snack Pack #1)

Documentation is an easy win

Readmes are often overlooked, abandoned, or forgotten entirely. Don't let a pour readme sour a good project.

A good readme is easy. First off this is just a starting point, there's always room to improve a readme. Here's how I start all my projects.

- Project Details 
  - Who is the project for? 
  - What does it do?
- Set up
  - How can I get someone up and running on this project? 
- Tech behind the project.
  - What frameworks/technologies are we using?
- Architecture 
  - How is the folder structure laid out? Just big picture stuff
- Testing / Formatting
  - Do you have formatting or testing and how is it enforced?
- FAQs
  - What's confusing about this project and why?
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My template for new Readmes:

Additional Resources

My snack pack reads are intended for a quick read without any fluff or BS.

Feedback is always welcome.

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David Koczka

This is a great template. Thank you for sharing!

nikhilmwarrier profile image

Awesome! I will start using it myself from now on. Thanks for sharing!