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Seonyoung Chloe (she/they)
Seonyoung Chloe (she/they)

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66: Coding is self-expression for me!

How do I discover the coding world?

I used to be far away from technology and turned me out to become the most important challenge for myself, to be frank, my feminity was the issue I had to get over among the hyper-masculine coding society in my country.

It was such a difficult task to communicate with people who are the opposite side of me and lost the way to make a balance, finally broken for a while.

I am hoping that my womanhood is not a problem anymore to study programming and does not have to give up by the patriarchal society. Back to the previous experience, It was extremely hard for me to act as I am 'asking questions, having a discussion, simply saying hello, making jokes, and becoming friends.' okay, if they know about the beauty of Rupaul, I could open to talking lol.

Finally, realize how important culture-fit can encourage me to become a better version of myself. Respecting my identity is as important as loving computer engineering. I can't believe how much I was trying to fit in a different standard. It ended up with hate, guilty, too. Not really good.... so no drama!

While recovering to the second challenge, I learned how to respect my situation, my background, my curiosity, I can see that I function better when I am studying alone. The competition made me demotivate talking to people deeply.

I want to get adventures, be curious every single detail, sharing the opinions, supporting each other's identity, and get inspired by learning the difference

I will eventually enjoy my coding life with the various people :) I can feel it truly!!

especially taking care of one's pronoun!!!
Coding has no ranking, it is everything about keep learning. I love the fact that programming does not define who we are, the computer only care one thing, is it 0? or 1? It is so beautiful! The whole algorithm is such big progress to finish up moving programs. The next session is...

'From the powerless to self-actualization.'!

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Shravan Kumar B

Wonderful article :)
I see what programming is to you. Even I have tried to explain what programming is to me.

Programming, A Human Philosophy

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Seonyoung Chloe (she/they) • Edited

thank you! It is wonderful to know your opinion!

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