How many dads here? How do you find time to work on your side projects?

blarzhernandez profile image Roberto Hernandez ・1 min read

Sometimes it's hard for me to find enough time and make notable progress.


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Honestly have the same problem, not working in development yet, but just between working full time and then spending time with family it’s difficult to dedicate time to side stuff. Waking early and doing small parts has helped me but it’s a slow process. Best of luck finding time to do it.


I do something similar. My time is early hours (4 AM) before the kids get up. It works far better for me to get in bed early rather than burning the midnight oil to get things done. The other trouble with trying to do side projects at night is kids don't always get to sleep as you'd like them to. My brain doesn't have the same focus as first thing early in the morning.

I also try and set out some goals for allotted time blocks so I don't just waste cycles 'researching'. Even if I don't complete everything I've set out, making small wins over time is much more satisfying.

Waking up early took some getting used to but pays huge dividends. I complete my personal development goals before everyone is awake, don't feel guilty after the work day ends and feel more present during family time. Sure, I can't tell you about the latest binge show on Netflix but I've found much more fulfillment in these early am pursuits.


Definitely. Those tiny wins lead to larger success and being present with family and feeling the fulfillment of being present is what matters most.


Great advice, maybe I will do that too, I find my self exhausted by the end of the day and I don't feel like sit in front of the computer even if I'm motivated to create something.


The three best things I can say:

  1. Do at least something every day, no matter how small.
  2. Find a system that works between you and your wife (I have a dedicated hour every day after my 10 month old goes down for his first nap)
  3. Separate tasks you can do in random moments on your phone versus tasks that require a decent chunk of time

These are great. Fitting the managing tasks into small moments throughout your day when you can is a big thing.


I’m new to web development so I don’t have much experience from that perspective, but I do have kids so I completely understand the struggle of being able to sit down and concentrate on any project that takes continuous thought. I read at night when the kids are in bed. We usually play a board game first so I can still have some time with them, but I have them go to bed at a regular time for both them and me. I sort of use it as a reward for working hard throughout the day to get 30-60 min of ‘me’ time, whether it’s web dev, working out, reading, or whatever. I don’t get up any earlier than I have to do this works best for me.


Two answers depending on whether or not it is something that will get me paid. If is unpaid then I might tinker with it on the clock. If it is paid then it MUST be off the clock. My wife and I both have side work/projects that we are involved with which makes it a little bit easier. We tell the other about having to be working during the given time, and the other one takes over with the kids for that time. With my kids being 3 and 1, bath and bedtime can be a pretty lengthy ordeal so if it's possible I try to either work during lunch or weekend when there is a bit less need in the parenting department.

Also, there's this:


Bizarrely, I've made more progress since having kids than before! But when say more progress, I mean I've completed two small projects in three years :D

One of them does require weekly input so I just set aside a couple of hours on a Sunday to take care of that.

For both projects (and other unfinished ones), it was just about getting started. Even an hour a week was more than enough for me to see tangible progress. Didn't take long for me to want to get it to a releasable, if not finished, state.

It is hard with kids, and at every step they need different types of attention which can take a lot of energy. But as I said, my advice would be to just get started. No matter how small that start is, you'll only be building on top of it going forward. Good luck!


I recently became a dad, and I work in side projects at night after my baby fell asleep, it is so hard but with 1 or 2 hours is enough for me