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The New 10 Succesful Developers and Bloggers You Should Follow

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There are plenty of people out there talking about the most known successful developers and bloggers — the veterans like Martin Fowler, Joel Spolsky, Wes Boss, Kent C. Dodds, Chris Coyier, Eric Elliot, Dan Abramov, an endless list.

However, nobody talks about the new generation of developers and bloggers. While some of them already are successful for the rest on the list their success is imminent, it is just such of time.

Someone once said, “I am the result of the combination of people I follow and with I spend my time”. In fact, we are the average of the people we follow and who inspire us to become better.

All these developers have been and still doing an amazing job. They're simply brilliants and nonstop guys. Thanks to that amazing job they are growing fast.

The purpose of this list is to find inspiration by following them. Further, to learn and imitate his path to become better developers and bloggers if this is your desire career path.

Where this list come from?

I took the task to make a research about it. Further, some of them are people I have the luck to have come across and follow.

In my humble opinion, there are some fundamentals criteria to consider and call an “imminent” or “new” successful blogger and developer. I established some criteria. The first one is the fact they should periodically being published their work, the number of followers, and how their work appears on google searching when we are looking for lights.

Florin Pop

I would like to start with this incredible guy because I have tracked his overwhelming progress. I’ve seen his huge and accelerated progress during the last two years.
Florin is a successful freelancer. He describes himself primarily as a front-end developer. Also, he is an active blogger across different platforms and now an imminent successful Youtuber.

I have been following his work for a long time ago. I have seen his incredible progress and success. And one of the ways where you can see his progress is on the timeline he created to track it.

David Walsh Blog

Probably David is largely known by many in the software development industry. He is a senior software engineer and evangelist for Mozilla.
He writes mainly about Web development. However, he writes another about other kinds of computer sciences stuff as well.
Furthermore, he is a technical writer of David Walsh Blog and guest on several other sites, a conference, and meetup speaker
In the past, he worked at Sitepen, and also he was a consultant for Best Buy and other large corporations.

Jason Watmore

I am not sure if I should call “New” to Jason Watmore. However, this guy has helped me out several times with his useful and practical walkthroughs.

One of the things I like most about his blog is the fact he is frequently writing new technical pieces on the web development field. Each of these pice is a how-to. So he doesn't save anything on his end and offers you the complete guide.

Simon Holdorf

Simon Holdorf describes himself as a full-stack engineer. I have seen his progress over the last few years. He has a very long list of blog posts here on Medium. Most of them with great traction.
He already has almost 5k followers. He is constantly writing new pieces about programming, Javascript, and web development.


I didn't find too much information beyond Medium about Daan. However, I would like to mention him because I have found gold-content and helpful in every piece of him.
Daan describes himself as a backend developer. He is a top writer in Technology at the time. Further, he has more than 6k followers and so far.
In my opinion, he is gaining that huge of traction on Medium because he is insanely writing, and every single piece he shares has high chances to succeed due to high quality and gold content.

John Sonmesz— Simple Programmer

Sometimes when I googling looking for any light or solutions on the internet. One of the top 10 results was the simple programmer site.

He describes himself as a founder of Simple Programmer site and author of “Soft Skills: The Software Developer’s Life Manual”. Basically a software developer and blogger like you and me.

He originally started Simple Programmer in 2009 as a personal blog where he tried to distill what he was learning into simple, easily understandable content.

Flavio Copes

Flavio is a software developer. One of the things that describe himself is he writes complete handbooks. He has a huge list of handbooks which include handbooks for CSS, React, Javascript, etc.

Further, he is one of the most featured writers on the FreeCodeCamp publication and of course, his blog has a great readership and probably following by thousands of people out there.

He is publishing consistently. He writes one piece every single day.

The next are three amazing girls who write, code, and who stand out of the crowd.

Aphinya Dechalert

I don't remember how I came across her. Probably, I read one piece of her amazing job, and then I started to keep an eye on every piece she wrote.

Aphinya not only engages with people here on Medium but also on Linkedin. She has a considerable followers list there and now she is also writing on her blog.

What I like the most about her is the fact her writing covers both the technical and human side. She writes mainly about Javascript but also about productivity, self-improvement, life, marketing, etc.

Emma Bostian

Emma Bostian is another powerful writer. I like her pieces for the gold-content and quality.

Emma is a software engineer and podcaster. She is podcasting at LadyBugPodcast, an all lady-hosted tech podcast for all developers. She has more than 101k followers on Twitter.

She writes about Javascript, web development, algorithms, and sometimes about frontend stuff.

Lydia Hallie

The penultimate developer and blogger on the list. My favorite.

Probably most of us already know to Lydia. She writes in a completely different way of the rest. For that reason, she stands out of the crowd. She put her heart on every piece she writes.

She is recognized for the gold-content and for all amazing visualization on each piece. If you are a visual learner this girl will save a huge amount of time on your learning process. Even hard concepts.

Finally, Myself [not yet]
I am just kidding. I am not a successful developer and blogger [yet]. However, They are my inspiration. All of them are pushing me out of my comfort zone every single day. I just try to imitate, follow, and being inspired by them.

Add yours!

Thanks for reading! If this story turned out to be interesting, I’d really appreciate if you share it with your friends.

Feel free to reach me on my blog and Medium

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